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The City Under Ground Suzanne Martel In this assignment I will be discussing how well did the author (Suzzane Martel) started the story, the story, the setting how well where the characters are described, the conflict, the theme, the author's style, also the climax, and finally the conclusion of the story. For each of these subtitles I will answer in full paragraph form.The author introduced the novel very poorly, Suzzane Martel does not bother to described the city that is under right in the beginning of the novel.Rather she stars to talk about Luke's adventure to the outside world. There was no exploration of how Luke looks like nor his friend Eric, but ties it in later on in the story. The author's idea was to get you right into the book and hoped that you understand what's happening.It is the year 3000, the people of Surreal are living under ground because of the devastated world up above them caused by an nuclear attack one thousand years ago. This makes the story more exciting then it would on the surface, it also puzzle's us, what would the earth look like in the year 3000? In my opinion the author did excellent job on describing the setting in her book.The major characters in the story where Luke, and his brother Paul, Eric and his brother Bernard that each had they're own part in the novel. Eric's mother Madam 6 B 12, and also his father George 6 B 12, then there is Luke's father Doctor 15 P 9, they are all minor charters in the story. The author incorporate the major characters very easily, the reason is that she talks about them all the time in the story. But for the minor characters, the author squeezes them in with good timing, such as during a dinnertime, or at the work place. For the major characters, the story would have no meaning with out them. But for the minor characters, it brings out the feeling that this is all happening in front of you, just like when Bernard got cut, when he was in the conduits, his father was right there waiting to now more about what happened to his son than anything else. Also with Luke's family when Luke got hurt in the outside world, he'd broken his leg, there was Paul to save him, and later Paul asks his father to come and help them. Suzanne Martel makes a vivid picture of both the major and the minor character, who have internal conflicts and who after developed charge within the span at a short story.This is the first time when Bernard ever seen a person from the outside world before, and he was scared, it all happened when the city of Surreal got an earthquake, and broke a power line that was draining their energy. Therefore Bernard was sent to fix it, since he was the one that found it, and the only one to fit in through those pipes. When Bernard got to the area where the people from the other world had a circuit breaker, there he began the process of disconnecting the wire and bring it back to the people. As Bernard was doing this, he glanced at the tunnel that the humans had made, suddenly his...

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