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The Civil War In Sudan Its Historical Background And Its Effects On Comparative Politics And International Relations

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On January 1st, 1959 Sudan finally became its own independent country, and it looked as if it’s history of conflict would soon come to an end. But this was not to be, throughout most of Sudan’s independent status as a country it has been in constant turmoil. For the first thirteen years, 1959-1969, an elected government ran Sudan, but in that year, 1969, the elected government would be toppled by a military coup. Ever since this incident, Sudan has been in a civil war almost indefinitely.
This rule would last for about 20 when a leader in that government rose up against them. In 1989 Lieutenant-General Omar al-Bashir took power through another coup. Shortly afterwards al-Bashir would make a decision that many people look back on and wonder why he did, this decision was al-Bashir’s shocking alliance with a man named Hassam al-Turabi. This occurred in the early 1990’s and many people knew of the close ties that al-Turabi had with Islamic Terrorist groups. He was also the Muslim cleric that was the head of the ruling party in the country, the National Congress Party (Sodaro 2008, 154). Subsequently in 1991, Osama bin Laden, was granted residence in Sudan under the protection of the National Congress Party and more specifically al-Turabi himself. Bin Laden was known for having ties with terrorist groups but was still allowed to stay in the country until 1996. During this time period a rivalry that intensified every year bin Laden stayed formed between al-Bashir and al-Turabi. This would ultimately lead to al-Bashir taking powers away from al-Turabi that had been granted to him in the years past. War was narrowly adverted shortly after this happened when al-Bashir had al-Turabi arrested, for trying to start an uprising against the government. Al-Bashir tried to show the United States that he was changing when in 2001 the attacks on the World Trade Centers occurred. After the 9/11 attacks and George Bush’s ensuing War on Terrorism, al-Bashir pledged that he would help the U.S by aiding them in the war.
Although thankful for the help from al-Bashir, the United States was still concerned with what was going on inside the borders of Sudan. For many years the elitist Muslim dominated government of Sudan had been treating the blacks in the south unfairly. These events holding the blacks back had lasted much longer than just under the al-Bashir rule. A civil war that lasted from the years of 1956 to 1972, or the Anyanya War, had led to the South’s first autonomic government. This however did not end the conflict between the two groups in Sudan. Just twelve years later with the passing of the Islamic Law in the south, a new war was sparked. This war has been credited with over 2 Million deaths and the displacement of up to 4 Million People (Sodaro 2008, 154). In 2005 another deal was struck which gave the South another autonomous government and removed the imposing Islamic Law from the south.
In 2003 though another conflict had...

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