The Class Association Influence On Race Ethnic Conflict In Guyana

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How did class association in Guyana even begin? The two main ethnic groups in Guyana, Afro and Indo were both “bought and brought” over to Guyana as slaves and indentured servants. Guyana’s society today which is extremely divided identify themselves by their ethnic group in which people in these societies experience inequality and discrimination based on ethnicity have led them to lash out in a hasty and violent matter. This definition of ethnicity can be used for any ethnic group throughout the world. There is a huge difference between race and ethnic conflict. Race conflict is based on the physical characteristics such as skin color, noses, eyes, ears, fingers and even toes causes a problem within the society that they live in. Ethnic conflict is based on a society having problems with someone’s culture, religion, and beliefs. Very often we see race and ethnicity always occur with one another and that is the issue in Guyana today. The political parties in Guyana have both use the popular and underlying claim that racism is extremely prevalent and not going away any time soon. Their solution to end racism in politics is to conduct power sharing, just like in Zimbabwe but as you can see that idea of power sharing is not going so well either and it would not work for Guyana either. The only time Guyana has ethnic-race conflict is during elections. Guyana’s society is not based on race and ethnic issues after elections it comes back to class association in which the conflict can sometimes turn into a violent battle between the haves and the haves not.

Where did the hatred between Afro-Guyanese and Indian-Guyanase begin? This is not a serious conflict like in Rwanda between the Hutus and the Tutsis and no way in comparison to the amount of hatred that the Nazis had for the Jews. The conflict between the African Guyanese and the Indian Guyanese is a conflict that is created socially by the political parties to gain votes and take control. So what usually happens is that these rich and highly educated participants of both the PNC/PPP come into power they create the blame game gesture in hopes of brainwashing the society to work against one another so that the popular party can come into power. As mentioned before the race and ethnic conflict is socially created and also politically created too. The brainwashing of these political parties needs to be called out and they need to take some type of responsibility. The people of Guyana who are the most effected by this need to stand up for themselves and begin to take notice that it is not a racial and ethnic conflict but it is a class association and social inequality. The PNC uses the media as propaganda by repeating false racial and ethnic conflicts issues such as Afro Guyanese do not trust the Indian political leadership of the PPP, Indians control and own the wealth of Guyana therefore leaving African Guyanese poor and out of work and Hinduism should not be looked as a religion but a...

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