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The Classical Liberalism Essay

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Classical liberalism is one of the main theories of international relation it developed during the enlightenment period which emerges in United State and Europe in the 19th century. John Lock British philosopher was the founding father of classical liberalism, who has written about the state of nature. It is an optimistic theory where people live in city of nature it is a city of peace and cooperation. The classical liberalism seeks to survive and maximize their military power not only military power at the same time economic power as in order to protect and promote their self-interest. It believes in natural rights of individual such as rights to life, liberty and property. The main actor in classical Liberalism is not only the state actors but also none state actors. Therefore, in this paper I am going to discusses classical realism view of IPE and it is actor, view of war, view of peace and it is empirical and theatrical implication in 21st century.

1. The IPE and it is actors:
According to classical liberalism the main actor in international political environment is not only the state actor but also none state actor such as the transitional cooperation, the UN and also non-governmental organization. They believe that they can maximize their power through trade relation and culture ties between the states. The ultimate goal of classical liberalism is individual freedom which refers to natural rights such as rights to live, property and liberty. According to Mises rights of property mean that individual will have rights to hold private property not just holding the property but also, to have the control over the property. Liberty in addition means freedom of individual which means individual is free to do any things to pursue their own self-interest as long as they are not violating the property rights of others. Also, freedom means up holding anti-discrimination law in order to treat alike which means no one is above the law even ruler and the best way to treat everyone equally is establish laws to apply equally to all citizens even the ruler come under this law. These are three elements that help a state to bring back the lost prosperity and social harmony. Safeguarding of these rights should be the legitimate goal of government to protect citizen’s natural rights. It accepted theory of Thomas Hobbes which believes that government is elected by the people to safeguard citizen from any kinds of threat and enforcement of the law to help the citizen to live the sufficient life.

2. It is view of war and peace:
Classical liberalism in contrast with realism is pro-peace and they are not war lover it believes in cooperation and according to classical liberalism is point of view peace can be achieve through trade and culture ties between the states in the international political environment. It highly supports free trade relation without having any restriction of government. It does not believe in use of war to...

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