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The Cleanse Essay

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Its 2025, unemployment, crime, and poverty levels are at an all time low; the lowest they’ve ever been. All crime is legal except for one day every year. That day, august 15th is called The Cleanse and all crime is legal. Emergency services are suspended for 14 hours and anything is legal whether you want to rob a store or kill someone. Inventors have created new types of home security systems for those who choose not to participate in The Cleanse and want to stay safe. Many people support The Cleanse because they feel like it lets everyone’s built up anger get out and since it has really helped the economy and bring crime levels down The Cleanse is supported despite the devastating consequences and potential danger. Groups of people called cleansers get together and do the usual rioting, vandalizing, and stealing but the most common cleanse is the killing of poor homeless people because they are looked at as a burden in today’s flourishing economy. Cleansers also have a “target” every year. It could be an annoying neighbor who complains to everyone or just someone who has done you wrong in general. The targets are hunted down during the 14 hour cleanse and are killed. The only people excluded from The Cleanse are government officials. There are loud sirens and news broadcasts when The Cleanse starts and finishes. Supporters of The Cleanse put 14 red roses in front of their house to symbolize the 14 hours of cleansing. The cleanse commences at 10pm.

August 15th, it was a nice sunny day with clear blue skies. Sam was on his way from work since everyone was let off early for the Cleanse. On his way home he picked up steaks to cook for dinner and bought his 14 red roses; Sam also bought his wife flowers because he loves her so much. Sam sells high tech security systems. He sold so many units lately that he could afford to put a big add on to his house. His wife was very thankful for...

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