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The Climax Of Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

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The Climax of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Steven Spielberg directed "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" in
1984. It is an action/adventure movie and is set in the year 1935. The
main character that plays a big part in the movie is Indiana Jones
(played by Harrison Ford) who is an archaeologist with a difference.
Indiana's sidekicks through out the film are Willie Scott (played by
Kate Capshaw) who is a glamorous dancer in a nightclub and Short Round
(played by Ke Huy Quan) who is an adopted partner of Indiana's.

Willie gets caught up in Indiana's mishaps and charms when he gets
into trouble in a nightclub she is dancing at. They escape with the
help of Short Round, Indiana's "sidekick" but end up on a plane to
India. There, they find a dead, lifeless village with few inhabitants.
They say they have had a "life stone" stolen from them along with
their children. Indiana, being the kind-hearted hero he is, takes on
the challenge to get them their possessions back. Indiana, along with
his two accomplices, travels to the city where the young Maharajah of
India lives; they stay the night. During their stay Indiana is
attacked and discovers a secret passage from their room to an
underground cave, which is populated by what seems like a weird cult.

The Priest of Khali (the bad guy) enters while the three heroes watch
from a ledge. He makes a sacrifice to Khali by removing a helpless
man's heart then burning him alive in a pit of fire. Indiana spots the
stones near the priest and tries to get them but it results in him,
Willie and Short Round being caught. Indiana is forced to drink the
blood of Khali (which makes him a mindless slave) while Short Round is
chained up and forced to work in the mines. Short Round works on
breaking the chains with his axe while Willie gets ready to be
sacrificed into the fire pit. Short Round saves the day again making
Indiana come back to life and therefore rescuing Willie as well. Then
the gang head for the exit but don't realise what's in store for them.
In the next few sections I will go over the final few scenes in detail
explaining how the factors combine to make the climax exciting.

The mines are very dangerous and enclosed, which sets the scene for
extreme danger. The soundtrack also adds a lot of tension with a
drumbeat and a feeling of danger ahead. Indiana starts the scene by
entering the dark mine with a strong white light behind him. This is a
good technique, which is used to symbolize that Indiana is the good
guy. As Indiana is fighting the stereotypical big, strong, bad guy and
Short Round is fighting the young...

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