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The Hiking Coyote Essay

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Floss/Needles/Safety Pins. These items can be purchased at Walmart or the Dollar Tree for a few dollars. Some floss and a needle can be used for sewing up a torn pant leg or shirt. Safety pins can be used to patch together a torn tent, tarp or backpack. Safety pins can also be used as fish hooks to catch smaller fish in a survival situation.

First Aid Kit. You can get a first aid kit at the Dollar Tree for a $1.00. It comes with band aids, alcohol wipes, and gauze pads. It’s a small white box with a red cross symbol on the front.

Paracord. Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Walmart and Army Surplus stores carry paracord. You get a roll of 100ft of paracord from any army surplus store for $10.00.
Michaels and Hobby Lobby carries a roll of 16ft length paracord for $1.99 in assorted colors. Paracord is very useful to build a shelter or tie up a bag of food from wildlife. I would recommend carrying 50ft of paracord on a hike.

Flashlight. Harbor Freight carries a 2 pack of mini-flashlights for $1.99. These little flashlights are a steal. I sometimes carry a 2-pack in my backpack.

Gloves. Harbor Freight carries work gloves for $5.00. You will need gloves in case you want to collect wood to build a campfire or handle thorny branches to prevent splinters.

Nalgene Bottle. Target sells them for $10. The Nalgene bottle sometimes gets a bad rap for being too heavy, but if you are hiking in a rough area than a Nalgene bottle is worth its weight in gold. It is thick, durable and made of a hard plastic that will take a beating. They are difficult to break when dropped.

Stainless Steel Cup/GSI Glacier Stainless Steel Canteen Pot. Walmart carries them for $5.00. These cups are needed for boiling water, cooking pasta, and making soup. A stainless steel cup is needed in the backwoods because you never know when you are going to boil some nasty backwater when you run out of bottled water.

Bear Spray. This can be bought at Walmart, REI, Cabela's or eBay. A can of bear spray can cost between $15 and $40 dollars. I recommended “Ruger’s RB0100 Pepper Spray Bear Spray” for $39.96 at Walmart.

Portable Camping Stove. This is a practical item to have if you cannot build a campfire where you are hiking. I make my own stove out of a Fancy Feast cat can. Google how to make a “cat can stove.” You will see a lot of different ways on how to build them. Be sure to use denatured alcohol as a fuel source when using a cat can stove. $0.59 cents for a Fancy Feast cat can.

Rain pants/Rain jacket. You can wear rain suit in rainy climates, but I prefer to use an 55lb garbage bag or rain poncho since they are lighter, inexpensive, and more versatile. However, for those of you who live in a very wet climate and don‘t want to put a garbage bag over your head and body, then go the conventional route.
Ideally you should have 2 types of rain protection in your pack. I would recommend the Stansport Deluxe PVC/Nylon Rain Suit, $34.08 at Walmart and ShedRain 3M WalkSafe 60" Vented Golf...

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