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Massie- Massie is a rich 7th grader that really isn't that nice of a person. She only is nice to her posse and does not include anyone else into her little clique. Massie is the leader of her social group.”Kristen: Do we like her? Massie: No!”(41) This shows that Massie is the leader because her friends do whatever she says. Massie one day basically decides that Claire, the new girl in town, will be her target. She will embarrass her and torture her and do whatever she wants to her because Claire has no friends yet and isn't really the typical girl around all these rich girls. Massie thinks that she isn't hurting Claire enough and she isn't getting any reaction out of Claire really so Maisie gets her friends to tear her down right along side her.
Claire- Claire is nothing like Massie, she isn't that rich, she is really kind and shy. This shyness doesn't really help Claire at all with her problems with Massie. Claire doesn't stand up for herself so she just lets Massie keep tearing her down. “ “Do you get to meet famous people all the time?” Claire asked. “Does she look the same in real life as she does on TV? Is she really dating Geraldo Rivera?” “That will be all for now, Barbara Walters,” Massie said. Claire fell back in her seat like she has been punched in the stomach. She decided not to say anything anymore. What was the point?”(44) But one good thing is that Claire doesn't really show effect in what Maisie and her posse is doing to her but this cause the bullying to get worse and worse.

The main idea in this novel is the problems between mainly Massie and Claire. Massie does not like Claire at all for no reason. Massie just met Claire and immediately hates her. Claire does not clearly understand why either but she kind of just goes with it and doesn't do anything about it. She won't tell her parents, she won't tell anyone.

Denotative- To bring up to date
Connotative- Getting up to date on important gossip
This is important because Massie and her clique are like the gossip center of the school they know all the gossip in the school and they even have this thing called “gossip points” just for eachother. “It meant that she got updated before anyone else, and that seemed to be really important to her.” (41) This shows that to the girls getting updated is a pretty big and important deal for them because they want to know what's all going on in the world.

Denotative- Very high priced
Connotative- Worth a lot of money
Since Massie and her friends are very rich they like to buy very expensive clothing and they care a lot about how they look. So this is important because this shows how Massie is. “ How could a top thinner than toilet paper be that expensive? she thought. The girls were too busy accepting Massie’s floor and held it up to her face. It said seven hundred and eighty dollars.” (42) This is important because the girls bought Massie a get well gift and it was 780 dollars and that was just a...

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