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The Clone Technology Essay

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The clone technologyThis is a technology explosion era, technology is such an amazing thing that could make impossible things become possible. With the emergence of technology, it has penetrate into our everyday life, people receive lots of benefits from modern technology in everyday life, modern technology has solved many problems that people face and play an important role in the development of human beings. It has brought us benefits, but disadvantages at the same time. Clone technology is such an ambivalent technique, which refers specifically to the production of genetically identical individuals via somatic cell nucleus transfer (American Medical Association, 2008). It is the process ...view middle of the document...

The successful cloning of Dolly means that clone technology has entered a new stage of historical development. Since then, many more animals such as mice, rabbits, monkeys, etc are "claimed to" have been cloned. With the maturity of clone technology more and more successful clone experiments on mammals, some scientists want to expand research developments from mammals to human beings, they believe that human cloning may be possible in the immediate future. This daring idea has attracted lots of debates, most people reject this idea, while some people think it is not that scary of cloning human.Technology itself is neither positive nor negative, it does not have life or humanity, but when human use technology to do something, human makes it alive; that is, if people use technology to do right things, then the technology is positive; if people use technology to do negative things, then this technology is harmful, as Murphie &Potts (2003) noted "it is simply the way they are used that matters" (p27). Clone technology is a good example of this, clone technology itself is neither positive nor negative, it depends on how human make use of it, in other words, clone technology itself is neutral, as Jones (1988) stated that "any technological change has an equal capacity for the enhancement or degradation of life, depending on how it is used'(p231).Every technology has advantages and disadvantages, if people could make use of its advantages in a proper way under the right procedure, then it can greatly contribute to the society, vice versa. Clone technology is a great example, if using its advantages properly, it can make great contribution to the society. For example, clone technology can solve the problem of infertility, as Silver (1998) mentioned that the benefit of clone technology is to grant a child for infertile people or for someone who wants a child but has no chance to have one; it also contributes to the well being of minorities such as homosexual couples and infertile couples (Silver, p364); for the medical area, if using clone technology to clone human organs, then people do not have to wait for organs for transplanting, lots of people could be saved (Smith, 1998); for the ecological field, if scientists could copy the genes of endangered species, those species will not die out; it can be used in agricultural area to increase production, so it can solve the problem of starvation.However, as Silver (1998) points out that it will be disastrous if cloning operations are used abusively (p363). As mentioned earlier, some scientists start to think of cloning human, this is a dangerous propose, for it is unethical and in violation of natural laws, from the effect of cultural aspect, cloning human is the replacement and denial of the natural reproduction of human beings, and it is anti-natural and breaks the law of the natural development. And human reproductive cloning...

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