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Still using a USB flash drive?
For many years one of the main challenges has been to provide computer support and storage media increasingly powerful and more capable, more affordable, lighter and smaller, more reliable and safer to put our documents safe. Each of us generates thousands of photographs and documents, store thousands of songs, thousands of e-books, a few hundred movies, etc.. Where we store all that? Each time, our hard drives are larger storage and USB drives are also more capable and fast, but the real revolution comes from the hand of cloud storage. The Cloud Storage also uses a network of hard drives scattered around the world which can be accessed through an internet ...view middle of the document...

I reached for comment and I have to put it first because, as I said, the available space is very important. As important as 100 Gb, and the ability to play MP3 and open PDF. There will always be the question of whether reliable place so much information in one place for an eventual closure of the platform. In case I have backups on multiple sites.
Mega -. Following the closure of Megaupload by the FBI one characteristic you value a user is the security of your files, both at the level of encryption, such as that they will stay there for a long time, since the closure of Megaupload meant that many lost their files (even those that were legal and did not violate copyright). This made Kim Dotcom mount a new platform, with new conditions to prohibit the rise of copyrighted documents, deriving criminal liability to the user. This new service offers 50 GB of free space for each of the accounts that were discharged. (Someone that has three email accounts could have 150 GB of space). To my knowledge, does not yet have an app for mobile devices.
ADrive -. 's other sites offering 50GB of free space on your personal plan Basic (FREE 50GB), with a maximum size of 2 GB per file.
Bitcasa -. Offers 10Gb of free storage. And the possibility of hiring a payment plan with storage UNLIMITED . If you've ever thought about paying for a cloud, this is the place.
MediaFire -. Competition is fierce and ways to promote themselves well. In MediaFire are part of a basic plan of 10 GB which can be expanded to 50 GB complete based invite friends , download the app to your mobile or connecting through Facebook or Twitter.
SkyDrive -. cloud is associated with your Microsoft Windows Live. With a capacity of 7 free and perfectly integrated with other Microsoft services such as...

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