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The Club: Techniques Used By Williamson's Dialogue To Reinforce Themes And Portray Different Personalities Essay

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David Williamson uses many strategies throughout the play, to represent his characters and these representations may portray the realistic or unrealistic personalities of the characters. In the play “The Club”, David Williamson deals with the power struggles within the club, as every character is ambitious and wants to have ultimate power. The main thematic concerns that is embedded within the play is power, tradition and trust. These thematic concerns are the essential aspects of the play, as it is demonstrated throughout the play and is represented through Williamson’s dialogue. Williamson has used numerous techniques in his dialogue to reinforce his themes and portray the different personality of the characters realistically, as the play explores multiple concept on dialogue, it illustrates that Williamson has used dialogue effectively to represent his characters.
Trust is the reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety of an individual, this is a crucial aspect within the club, as AFL is a team based game that requires trust and teamwork. However, this aspect is not depicted in the club, as every individual is ambitious to have the ultimate power of the club. This is demonstrated when Laurie stated “This club is run by morons.”, as the presidents did not allow him to purchase new players. Despite that Williamson implemented slang and truncated sentences within Laurie’s insult, it defies the lack of trust between Laurie and the club effectively, as it displays Laurie as a character that is unwilling to communicate about his issues, which further elaborates the concept that Williamson’s use of dialogue does represent his characters realistically and effectively.
Tradition is the belief or behavior passed down within a group or society, this plays an important role in the club, as each character have their own perspective and opinion towards tradition, which creates conflict. Throughout the play, tradition is perceived as the opposite of progress and success, however in this era tradition must be abandoned to be successful. This is illustrated when Jock felt ashamed as he saw...

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