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The Coast Guard As A Whole

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Title of PaperCoast Guard AssetsAs we transition into the 21st Century, the United States faces challenges very different from those that defined our national security during the nearly 50 years of the Cold War. In the maritime environment, a complex assortment of maritime users, interests, and trans-national dangers including pollution, over-fishing, illegal migration, drug smuggling, international terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction, to name a few will challenge America as never before. It is during theses times that the U. S. Coast Guard will require a great deal form the services Physical assets, and Human resources. With billions of dollars invested in the Coast Guards physical assets, and with nearly 40,000 service members committed to the organization. The organizing functions of the service will be an essential part the executive levels of management.Coast Guard Assets based on MissionsGlobalization of the economy will continue with a continuous increase in maritime trade and challenges in our ports and waterways. In response to the many challenges, the Coast Guard will be performing its traditional missions, but even within these there will be variations and permutations demanding new capabilities. New missions and tasks, only dimly perceived in 1999, will certainly be thrust upon the Coast Guard, as has been the case in the past. Tomorrow's Coast Guard forces must have flexibility, capability, and joint, multi-agency, and multi-national interoperability to deliver effective service to the Nation. The Coast Guard has unique characteristics as a multimission maritime agency with regulatory, law enforcement, and humanitarian-focused emergency response authority, as well as military capability. It offers the nation a highly motivated, well-trained, cost-effective Service that has demonstrated flexibility and adaptability to meet changing national priorities.Cutters and Boats AssetsThe U.S. Coast Guard uses an assortment of physical assets to conduct its daily business. Cutters and small boats are used on the water. A "Cutter" is basically any CG vessel 65 feet in length or greater, having adequate accommodations for crew to live on board. These small cutters are usually managed and controlled on a group level. Larger cutters (over 180 feet in length) are managed by area commands (Atlantic Area or Pacific Area). Cutters at or under 180 feet in length come managed by District Commands. All the managing commands report to the activity of the assets that they manage to the Coat Guard headquarter executive level. This process works, considering every individual asset knows who to report to, and very few details are over looked. All vessels under 65 feet in length are classified as boats and usually operate near shore and on inland waterways. These small boats stations are usually self managed, and they answer to a group commander. There are approximately 1400 small boats throughout the Coast Guard.Fixed and Rotary Wing AssetsThe Coast...

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