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The product that has given the world its best-known taste was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 8, 1886 (Hays 32). Dr. John Stith Pemberton, a local pharmacist, produced the syrup for Coca-Cola, and carried a jug of the new product down the street to Jacobs' Pharmacy (Hays 35). There it was sampled and pronounced excellent, teamed with carbonated water placed on sale for five cents a glass as a soda fountain drink and at once deemed delicious and refreshing, a theme that repeats itself today wherever Coca-Cola is enjoyed (The coca cola company).Thinking that "the two Cs would look well in advertising," Dr. Pemberton's partner and bookkeeper, Frank M. Robinson, suggested the name and now famous trademark “Coca-Cola” (Pendergrast 15). The first newspaper ad for Coca-Cola soon appeared in The Atlanta Journal, inviting thirsty citizens to try "the new and popular soda fountain drink" (Hays 39). Hand-painted signs reading “Coca-Cola” appeared on store awnings, with the suggestion “Drink” added to inform one that the new beverage was for soda fountain refreshment. During the first year, sales averaged a modest nine drinks per day (The coca cola company).Dr. Pemberton never realized the potential of the beverage he created. He gradually sold portions of his business to various partners and, just prior to his death in 1888, sold his remaining interest in Coca-Cola to Asa G. Candler from Atlanta (Hays 46). With good judgment, Mr. Candler bought additional rights and got complete control, and on May 1, 1889, Asa Candler published a full-page advertisement in The Atlanta Journal, proclaiming his wholesale and retail drug business as “sole proprietors of Coca-Cola ... Delicious. Refreshing. Exhilarating. Invigorating” (Watters 24).By 1892, Mr. Candler's merchandising had boosted sales of Coca-Cola syrup nearly tenfold (Watters 31). He shut down his drug business, and focused his full attention on the soft drink (Watters 31). With his brother, John S. Candler, John Pemberton's former partner Frank Robinson and two other associates, Mr. Candler formed a Georgia corporation named The Coca-Cola Company (Pendergrast 42). The trademark "Coca-Cola," used in the marketplace since 1886, was registered in the United States Patent Office on January 31, 1893 (Hays 51). A firm believer in advertising, Mr. Candler expanded on Dr. Pemberton's marketing efforts, distributing thousands of coupons for a free glass of Coca-Cola (Hays 51). He promoted the product with souvenir fans, calendars, clocks, and countless novelties, all showing the trademark (Burp! Pepsi Versus Coke).The business continued to grow, and in 1894, the first syrup manufacturing plant outside Atlanta was opened in Dallas, Texas (Documentary). Others were opened in Chicago, Illinois, and Los Angeles, California, the following year (Watters 49). In 1895, three years after The Coca-Cola Company's incorporation, Mr. Candler announced in his annual report to shareholders...

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2302 words - 9 pages $16billion. KO has well diversified portfolio and is always recognized for its innovation. About 21% of volume mix is from North America, 14% from Europe, 18% from Eurasia and Africa, 18% from Pacific and 29% from Latin America. For continuous 51 years the company has disclosed a significant growth in the dividends (Coca-Cola, n.d). Trend analysis: Income statement: From the trend analysis it is clear that the every year sales has been growing but

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1828 words - 8 pages An important aspect of The Coca-Cola Company’s vision is to “Be the Brand,” inspiring creativity, passion, optimism, and fun (The Coca-Cola Company, 2014). Marketability is a key ability of businesses, and Coca-Cola markets itself very effectively. TCCC does this by not solely marketing its products, but its lifestyle as well. Despite changes in its products over time, the company maintains its timeless Coke bottle, motto to “Have a Coke and a

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679 words - 3 pages operations.In conclusion, the Coca-Cola Company had many international marketing issues that it encountered in establishing a stronghold in the India market. I have chosen to reiterate the ones that I believe were the biggest in this process. The Coca-Cola Company's first mistake was underestimating the cultural difference that was present. The Coca-Cola Company is accustomed to dealing with the western market. What works in the western market does

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2663 words - 11 pages are all about marketing costs).Price is also the marketing variable that can be changed most quickly, perhaps in response to a competitor price change.Put simply, price is the amount of money or goods for which a thing is bought or sold.(Sources: Mrs. Shanti Marketing Note p.92)Coca-Cola Company adopts two ways of pricing: Referrence Pricing and Correlation Product Pricing. Different taste product adopt the same price, that made customers buy new

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2719 words - 11 pages are able to purchase. If in case one consumer switches brands from Coca Cola to Pepsi is not going to be a massive affect for the company. In fact that, one consumer only needs to purchase around several hundred dollars instead of millions of dollars in a year. Even though the threat of substitutes and competitive rivalry within the industry are high, but Coca Cola is capable to overcome this threat and competition by more producing various

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858 words - 3 pages aural media which includes television, radio, cinema, posters, billboards, and direct mailing. Newspapers are one of the most popular forms of media advertising utilized by many global brands. Coca-Cola (2013) is one of the companies that began using media advertising in its earliest stages, and now the company has been engaged in media advertising for more than 100 years. Along with newspapers, magazines have also been used at a global level in Coca

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976 words - 4 pages strategy. Background information: The Coca-Cola Company was established in 1892, headquartered located at Atlanta, United States Ochoa, is the world's leading owner and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage brands and the world’s largest manufacturer largest beverage company, which has a 48% global market share. Along with the world most valuable brand Coca-Cola, The Coca Cola Company own and market four of the world’s top five non-alcoholic

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1380 words - 6 pages employment to disparate treatment of employee rights. In this paper, I will discuss how the Coca Cola Corporation strives to promote diversity in the workplace after being involved in what was known to be the largest racial-discrimination lawsuit in U.S. history.Coca Cola as some of us may know is a name that is known in homes throughout the entire world today. The Coca-Cola Company is one of the largest, most successful and most widely recognized

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1991 words - 8 pages Leadership and Management at the Coca Cola Company Business is an economic institution whose goal is economic Survival and whose activities are dominated by the profit motive. Its primary purpose is to create and satisfy a customer and make a profit. To achieve this purpose, business must be skilfully managed. Management is defined as the art of conducting and supervising a business or as using judgment in business affairs. A

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3313 words - 13 pages promotion works for them is to allow workers be more involved in the process of selection. By this I mean that succession planning should be formal, not almost completely informal as it is currently at Coca Cola Company. Each and every single employee needs to know about the created opportunity and have a chance to try themselves through maybe some written test which produce scores (scores are so loved at Coca Cola and even tasks are evaluated based

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818 words - 3 pages corporate governance and ethics.” (Coca-Cola Company, 2013, para. 1) His stance on corporate responsibility, ethics, and compliance while well-laid out, were not always the determining factor of how the company did its business. In 1996, this was all a different story and a somewhat seemingly downward spiral of unethical events began to happen at Coca-Cola. Contamination Scare The beginning of Coca Cola’s ethical issues started in 1999 when several

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4632 words - 19 pages . fountain -drink business. In June of 1999, products bottled where shut down for two weeks because some of the bottles where contaminated in Belgium and France. This was the company largest product recall in the company's history. Corporate Culture The Coca-Cola Company provides assistance to American Red Cross and Big Brother Big Sister. These are just a few of the noble acts the Coca-Cola Company has become involved in over the years. Coca-Cola