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The Cola Turka Campaign Boomed.It Brings The American Culture And Turkish Traditions.In Order To Decipher It Famous Critics Jib Fowles's Guide Is Used.

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Cola Turka Advertising Case Study"You are drinking America, you are not drinking a soda"Serdar ERENERAdvertising is used to promote goods, services, and anything else that advertisers want to publicize. Sometimes we may view it positively sometimes we may just ignore it. So, in order to attract target audience, advertisers use various techniques on their advertisement. In the case of advertising on television, there are many bounding conditions: within a limited time, advertisers try to give a package of information, thus every second is precious.At the end of this summer, a very big advertising campaign was started. One morning, anyone who took his newspaper read the same giant advertisement, in fact an announcement, "Tonight, at 21:30, be ready for a 5 minutes comedy". Every newspaper's first page is covered with this announcement. That night, Turkey was in front of their magic box. No one turned their current channel to a specific one because at the bottom of the announcement the names of all channels (including national channel TRT) were written. Interestingly, but unsurprisingly, at 21:30 wherever you turned the channel you saw the same cinematographic advertisement titled as "New York'ta bir Morning ". The entire advertisement was shown only that night and it took 5 minutes. This is a novelty for Turkish media. There has never been an advertisement that took its length and has this style.The advertisement starts with the famous American actor Chevy Chase who is well- known in Turkey for his family man character Clark Griswold from the trip movies. In the advertisement, while Mr. Chase is walking through Times Square he saw a car full of black people, wrapped in the national flag of Turkey to celebrate a soccer victory. This seems him strange but he keep on walking. Then, he enters in a diner to grab a cup of coffee. He sits next to a cowboy and they start talking. The cowboy, after drinking from a red-and-white can of Cola Turka, he begins using Turkish words. These words are from daily life language, people who are close to each other use those words in Turkey. First he asked, "How is yenge doing?" Mr.Chase does not understand and asked, "what's yenge?" Then the cowboy explains that he means his wife. Mr. Chase disturbed by this question and but he answers it and said "fine" with a little anger. Then the cowboy started to tell how Beþiktaþ won last night. He describeswith enthusiasm how Sergen kick that goal. Mr. Chevy listen him carefully but does not comprehend anything. Then the cowboy asked him, his children by using Turkish words, "How are çoluk-çocuk doing?" He does not answer this question because he is quite disturbed by this conversation and wants to leave the diner. When he requests the bill the cowboy said "Bendensin!" as hitting his chest twice. This is again a Turkish behavior. When a real Turkish man, a macho man have someone to get something, while hitting his chest, he said "Bendensin!". Mr. Chase...

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