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The Cold War A Great Competition

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The Great Competition
There have been many great wars in the world with major battles such as the Civil War, World War I, and World War II, but there was one war that did not have any battle or violence, which was how it got its name, the Cold War. The Cold War was a war that was more of a competition than a war between two allied groups against each other: NATO and Warsaw Pact. The conflict with these two groups was that the Warsaw Pact wanted communist governments, and NATO wanted democratic governments. The Cold War started up the rise of NATO, the rise of the Warsaw Pact, and then ended with the fall of the Warsaw Pact.
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, was formed in ...view middle of the document...

The Warsaw Pact was a treaty organization of communist countries that was formed to retaliate against NATO. All the nations that were involved in the Warsaw Pact were Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Soviet Union (Goldman, np). The pact was officially signed and formed in 1955 (Goldman, np). Although it was a war the two alliances never did any battle or used any of their atomic weapons on one another. For 30 years the Warsaw Pact built up its weapons and military forces fearing the NATO might attack them (“The Founding”, 71). With this the Warsaw Pact was ready for anything that NATO had planned or was planning to do against them.
During the Cold War the Warsaw Pact started to dissolve. The Warsaw Pact started to decline when in 1968 Albania withdrew from the pact. Some of the communist governments began to collapse in the Warsaw Pact in 1989 (“The Founding”, 71) In 1990 East Germany reunited with West Germany to form one Germany and joined NATO; also Hungary, Poland, and Czechoslovakia withdrew from the Warsaw Pact that year (Goldman, np). By 1991 there were only 6 remaining nations in the Warsaw Pact, and the 6 nations all agreed to dissolve the pact (Goldman, np). Also in 1991 the Soviet Union broke up into a number of independent states to officially end the cold war. Some of the old members of the Warsaw Pact in 2004 joined NATO (Cronin, np). The countries that withdrew from the Warsaw Pact were Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania,...

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