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The world saw the end of the Cold War in 1991 when the Soviet Union crumbled to the ground. Or so it thought. While the fall of the USSR did mark the end of an era and a rise of a new one, there is still indeed a sense of containment that the United States feels it must push on Russia. These sort of weary feelings are very reminiscent of what once was.
Russia has not been shy about demonstrating power and expanding its influence. In 2005, Vladimir Putin declared that the fall of the Soviet Union was “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century” (Friedman, 126). While it was a bold statement to make, it was of little worry to the US. The 2008 occupation of Georgia, a friend of the US, was an isolated incident that was partially provoked. In 2010, the Ukrainian pro-Western government was replaced by the man whom the Orange Revolution had overthrown (Friedman, 127). When one views all of these incidents as isolated, they seem of little importance. However, when one views them all together, they paint a picture that Russia is on the move again.
The idea of a “Cold War” brings a lot of connotations to the table, considering it defined a period of over 50 years. A cold war can technically be defined as two powers that share poor relations with each other and make semi-aggressive moves to empower themselves or belittle the other. While the global Cold War of the 20th century is over, it is still being fought by both powers. Russia has been stimulating its economy for the past 10 years under Putin, and meanwhile, the US has been caught up in the middle east where it can do nothing about Russia’s expanding influence in Eastern Europe. This is not to say, however, that it is a fair fight.
Since 1991, the only hegemon that has remained is the United States. One could argue that China or any other of the big powers in the world could rival the US, but in reality none can at this point in time. The economies...

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