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The Collaboration Between Psychology And Other Disciplines

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Psychologists traditionally study both normal and abnormal functioning, and also treat patients with mental and emotional problems. Psychologists also concentrate on behaviors that affect the mental and emotional health, and mental functioning of healthy human beings.Psychologists make their contributions through both research and practice. Its dualistic characteristic of using both research and practice gives psychology a unique characteristic. Psychologists provide solutions to problems through research by the careful collection of data, analysis of data, and development of intervention strategies. Through practice it applies the knowledge obtained to solve problems and promote healthy human development. Some psychologist limit themselves to either research (researchers) or practice (practitioners) but a number of psychologist choose to merge both aspects, better known as scientist-practitioners. (APA, 2005)In today's world, especially in the Western countries, no matter what field of work you are in, it is hard not to bump into a psychologist at your workplace (of course some exceptions do exist). This is due to the many areas in which psychologist have incorporated themselves over the years.This integration with other disciplines together with advances in research in learning and memory, and the integration of physical and mental health care, has made psychology a field of study that is captivating and exciting for the people involved in it. Its persistent growth means that more changes are forthcoming hence more progress in this field.In this paper we shall elaborate on how psychologists contribute to various other disciplines such as education, medicine, law, and business.Finally, this paper will include a brief look into the future to see where the field of psychology is heading in terms of its interactions with other disciplines in Kenya and other such third world countries that have not quite reached the stage that the Western world has.THE COLLABORATION BETWEEN PSYCHOLOGY AND OTHER DISCIPLINESThe standard definition of psychology is that it studies the human mind and human behavior. That basically makes all that people do and think subjects of psychology. In addition, psychology has a way of outgrowing its formal definitions. It has been and will continue to be working its way into many cross-fields at the scientific frontier.1. Psychology and LawGiven the common concerns of psychologists and lawyers with trying to understand and predict human behaviors, it seems clear that much can be gained by applying the theories and methodology of psychology to key issues arising in law and the legal process. (Kapardis, 1997)Psychology and law is used by Blackburn (1996) to denote for example, psycholegal research into offenders, lawyers, magistrates, judges and jurors. Psycholegal research involves applying psychology's methodologies and knowledge to studying jurisprudence, substantive law, legal processes and law breaking (Farrington et al,...


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