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The Collapse Of Enron Essay

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On the 2nd of December 2001, Enron, at the time the seventh largest company in the US, filed for Chapter 11 becoming the biggest bankruptcy in any industry anywhere with losses around the $60B mark. The company's share prices fell from a high of $90 in August 2000 but were trading on the markets at about 45 cents.Enron started life as a regional gas pipeline company in 1985, but by 2001 it had become the world's largest energy trading company. Company success came about because of Enron's ability to exploit the trading opportunities brought about by deregulation in the late 1980's allowing users to buy gas or electricity from a number of producers. Before long it was the sweetheart of Wall ...view middle of the document...

These matters, however interesting, are not the focus of this essay and will play no further part. The rest of this essay will now concentrate on the role played by Enron's auditors, Anderson, and their position in relation to the possible cover up of Enron's vast losses and their possible negligence and lack of professional independence.Anderson was undoubtedly guilty of something; the fact that reports suggests that both Enron and Anderson destroyed thousands of documents and emails would tend to confirm this. Either Anderson was guilty of serious professional negligence, or more sinisterly, he had knowledge of what was going on but remained silent to keep the fees of one of their major clients. The fact is that auditors are seen in the public's eyes as being held accountable in cases such as this where the accounts had been signed off.Though in the case of Anderson, there could be a degree of downplaying on their role due to the claim by many auditors that if corporate fraud is involved the auditor's responsibility is diminished. This is one of the best instances were the audit expectation and performance gap comes into play. That is the gap between what society expects from its auditors and what it perceives it receives from them. Though in Anderson's situation it looks as if there could have been a major breakdown of independence within the Houston office, which has lead them to sign off the grossly overstated accounts. This independence has been referred to as "the cornerstone of auditing".This reflects the fact that if auditors could be influenced by other parties either within the firm being audited, their own firm, or by an outsider, it makes the job virtually worthless. In order for an audit to be worth something the auditor must be independent in fact and appearance. There are many ways in which independence can be compromised, including owning a stake in a company being audited, and having problems challenging...

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