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The College Football Playoffs Should And Need To Be Expanded

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Do you think picking your 4 favorite types candy is hard? Wouldn’t it be easier if you where able to chose your favorite 8 types of candy? Well right now it is like that with college football playoff system. During the BCS era they had one game between the 2nd and 3rd ranked teams and the winner would play the number 1 ranked team for the national championship. All the brad new FBS does is add one more game therefore only adding one more team, so instead of just adding one more team to the mix, this is still unfair. What they should add 5 teams to the 3 team mix to make the system fair. The recently removed BCS only allowed the top 3 teams to compete for a national championship but the new FBS is allowing 4 however, this is still a problem. These really affect small schools because “Undefeated mid-major schools and one-loss teams from major conferences still likely to miss the playoffs” (Douglas). The national championship is the championship of all college sports in every sport, and every year every college team in and a few out of the nation tries to compete for the national title. However some undefeated schools due to “easy schedules” do not get the same chance as one or two loss big schools that have slightly tougher schedules. In the NCAA basketball tournament “March Madness” over 60 teams get to play and compete for the national championship and they play multiple games every day so there should be no reason for football to not be able to have at least 8 teams instead of just 4. The NCAA college football playoffs should allow 8 teams to compete for the national championship instead of 4 because: It gives more teams a chance to compete, it makes more money for the schools, and it gets players more NFL attention and will get them more help and will help them become better players. These are key elements that help both the schools and the players. So expanding the playoffs can only help schools and players not hurt them.

First off, Competition is something the NCAA college football playoffs needs. If teams work hard all season and are winning games but drops a game or goes unbeaten and don’t even get to compete for the championship, there is no reason for them to even play all season. It is nearly impossible for 8 teams to go unbeaten so this gives every unbeaten team an equal chance to compete and win the championship. Five teams finished the season undefeated, with SEC champion Auburn, Utah, and Boise State left out of the championship game that had Oklahoma and USC (Douglas). If the college football playoffs changed the rules of the playoff settings to 8, all those teams would have a shot to compete for a national championship. If the college football playoffs were switched to 8 teams the top 8 could be chosen by record and not have to be computer- based. This makes it fair for smaller schools because some small schools put up better numbers that big schools but due to the fact that they are not very well known or they have an “easy...

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