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The Colonization Of Mars: The Plan For Human Survival This Essay Describes How Life Could Possibly Be Sustained On Mars And What Is Necessary For Life To Exist In General.

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The Colonization of MarsThe Plan for Human SurvivalClass: AstronomyTable of ContentsI. Introduction...........................4-5II. Life........................................5-7III. Mars......................................7-8IV. Terraforming..........................9-11V. Transportation.......................11-13VI. The Plan................................13-23VII. Conclusion............................24VIII. Appendix...............................24-25I: IntroductionWhether it is from eminent destruction by an asteroid impact or the more feasible situations of overpopulation, nuclear fallout, or atmospheric depletion, life some day may not be able to sustain itself on Earth. Mankind has to prepare for a great migration to a new habitat in order to preserve its species. This habitat must be able to sustain life just as Earth did. It will have to filter out harmful radiation from space, produce plentiful sources of food and energy, as well as contain a vast amount of water. It will not necessarily need gravity to sustain all life, but it most likely will have it because of its importance to humans in their daily functions, but more importantly for plant life, which has been found to not grow well without it. There is no habitat that we know of in our solar system or anywhere else that could sustain life without modification other than Earth. Scientists have been pondering the dilemma of where and how a habitat will be produced some day. There are many ideas that sound feasible, but when they are analyzed with scrutiny, small flaws are found that can jeopardize even the most intricate of plans. By far, the most alluring option is to change the planet Mars into a life-sustaining environment. This is not as simple as it might seam. In order to sustain the human race as well as many other life forms that are necessary to create an ecosystem many things would have to be taken into consideration. The best way to explain this is to first explain what life is and what it needs in order to survive on the simplest level and on the more advanced levels. Next would be to show why Mars is the ideal habitat to work with. Then to establish the subject of transforming environments in order to fulfill a need such as sustaining life, which is known as terraforming. An explanation will be given on how this can theoretically be done on Mars. Then transportation of life from Earth to a new habitat and the troubles involved will be discussed. Finally, a master plan will be presented. This master plan will be the key to follow in order to ensure the survival of the human race.II: LifeLife can generally be defined as anything that reacts to stimuli, has a metabolism, grows, and reproduces. However, it is feasible to believe that an organism can survive without one of these things, but mostly every noted organism follows these guidelines. The only mystery is the virus, which has been argued by scientists for years because it cannot be characterized as alive or...

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