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The Color Of The Future Essay

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Although the University of California Press categorizes Dance of the Tiger as a historical fiction, Björn Kurtén concretely challenges the human experience by taking readers back to life 35,000 years ago. Just as the chief’s “tiger tooth hung on his breast [as a] token of his unforgettable hunt” (6), Dance of the Tiger serves as a anthological token of our unforgettable history.
Dance of the Tiger takes place during the Ice Age. According to Kurtén, the then modern humans, the Cro-Magnons, had migrated to the northernmost part of Europe. There, they began to intermingling with the Neanderthal natives. Nearly 100,000 years prior to the Cro-Magnons arrival, the Neanderthals had established ...view middle of the document...

These inferior faculties essentially decrease the chances of their survival and reproduction at the benefit of those that are stronger. According to Darwin, the strong survive while the weak die. In Dance of the Tiger, Bjorn Kurten makes it exceedingly clear that the Cro-Magnons represent what Darwin would consider as the fit, while the Neanderthals represent what he would consider as the unfit.
In Dance of the Tiger, the Tiger is one of the black-skinned Cro-Magnons whose father is murdered by another black’s populace. After his father’s death, the young Tiger dedicates his life to hunting for his father's murderer. While on his hunt, he finds himself in the midst of Trolls. Trolls are white-skinned Neanderthals. Trolls differ from Cro-Magnons not only based on the color of their skin, but also by the creed in which they live by. The Trolls are egalitarians that do not war with one another as much as Cro-Magnons do. They also do not fight with their women. Troll women play a major role in tribal facilitation and management rather than being subjugated to patriarchy. In fact, Tiger “certainly got the impression that in this [Troll] community the women were more forceful and interesting than the men.” (60).
After beginning to become fond of his newly found comrades, Tiger learns the Trolls have been taken over by a black-skinned tribe lead by a legendary warrior named Shelk. With his home away from...

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