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The Color Of Blood Essay

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The Color of Blood

This web of deceit, violence and political maneuvering all starts after a revolution threatens to destroy the regime of an Eastern European nation around 1987. After closely escaping an assasination and a kidnapping, Cardinal Bem finds himself a fugitive with enemies on every side. Terrorists, soldiers and even members of the proletariat will try and stop him at all cost. He will find his true friends and discover the ones who are simply out to get him. To save his country he must make it to the mass at Rywald to make his speech and reasure the public that nothing is wrong and guarantee that there will be no revolution nor that the country will crumble apart. He must restore order in the country and bring a balance between the Church and the Governement of his country before it is too late.

Section 2-Character study :
Cardinal Bem is by far the most important character in the novel. He is very wise and always makes the right decisions. For example, when his friend is being interrogated before him, he observes what is said to make sure it fits into his own story. He is also very persevering for he will not give up searching for his assailant and will neither give up on his country and religion no matter how bad the odds against him. When it seems that the government had won the 'war', he boldly makes a public announcement of the conspiracies going around. He is not afraid to speak his own mind and support his country even if he knows that it may put his life in danger. He proves this well towards the climax of the novel when he finally attends the mass at Rywald. He says what there has to be said to the members of the church ignoring the overwhelming presence of captains, generals, soldiers and lieutenants. Will this get him in more trouble than he bargained for ?

Section 3- Critical comment :
'The problem confronted in The Color of Blood is how the Church is to live in tandem with the secular authority'
'This meditation is deliberately juxtaposed with the violent action which follows it; reason is contrasted with the unreason and fanaticism of the assassins.'
'God is intimately bound up with reason and therefore with political pragmatism. His reason is constantly contrasted with the unreason of others : here, in the opening scene with the assassins ; later, with the fanatical Archbishop Krasnoy whose intended address reads like an incitement to political revolution and whose intemperate prose the controlled Cardinal Bem refers to as « dreadful style »'.
'Bem is regarded as a traitor by the members of the fanatical Catholic group that is opposed to him because of his reason and pragmatism. This is why he is in some ways more at home with the...

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