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The Columbus Day, As Celebrated By People In The United States Annually, Is A Total Joke, As You Will Consent To After Reading The Article Below.

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I was greatly intrigued when Native Americans protested on Columbus Day and did not view it as a cause for celebration. From all my past readings in historical textbooks, Columbus has been described as a lover of the sea, who, as a little boy, dreamed of setting out to explore such broad extent some day. It was said that Columbus waited for six years, until the Spanish Queen Isabella gave him three ships. When the crew grew worried for there was no sight for land, Columbus even "encouraged" them, telling them that land must be close. His perseverance in discovering the New World shaped Columbus into respected hero, and even worthy of a holiday.Now, these Native Americans are saying that Christopher Columbus brought the start to the violence and destruction in the Americas. This so-called "hero" thought that he had reached Asia, which he did not, and was ignorant enough to have called the people he encountered in the Caribbean "Indians". It was not his love for the sea that induced Columbus to set out for the land of unknown, but three other motives. In return for bringing back gold and spices, Columbus would receive a reward of 10 percent of the profits, governorship over all new-found lands, and the fame of a title, "Admiral of the Ocean Sea". Power, wealth, and fame motivated Christopher Columbus. This was perfectly natural as greed was a standard of his times.It was not Columbus who had first spotted land in the Bahamas, but he who claimed to do so. A sailor named Rodrigo was the first to sight land, yet the reward of a yearly pension of 10,000 maravedis for life never fell into his hands. When Columbus and his sailors reached the shore of the Bahama Islands, they were welcomed by an amiable people. Later Columbus wrote in his log; "these Arawaks were willing to trade everything they owned." People tend to admire traits they don't possess, and so did Columbus, who perceived these acts of generosity with astonishment and incomprehension. Yet Columbus' arrival was a disaster from the beginning. At the first glance of these healthy bodies, Columbus thought nothing but of subjugating them and making them into servants. He immediately began the enslavement and slaughter of the Arawaks, taking them aboard ship as prisoners, insisting that...

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