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The Combination Of Rustic Style And Depth In R.K. Narayan's Works

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This is the question of how this paper will be different from all the similar researches done in the past. The title of the paper can also be repeated as 'The Oneness of Rusticity of Life and Language in R.K. Naryan's Works'. This is to say that the paper intends to bring out the relation between the subject matter and the usage of language in the texts studied. And the point here is that there is rusticity in the subject-matter and that rusticity is refected through the rustic language. The same can be said as 'there is rusticity in the language and it is reflected through the choice of rustic subject-matter (village life)'. So there is no gap between the two and that the ...view middle of the document...

K. Narayan's Works
R.K. Narayan through his writings focuses on village life. His works are almost the perfect examples of the simple fact : “true happiness resides in simple living”. The more comfort and pleasure we enjoy, the more complexities we get ourselves in. Village lifestyle is the simplest and thus they seek happiness not in soft beds and sweet chocolates but in simple humanity.
The situations as well as the characters are depicted in great depth in his works. The slightest of feelings of the characters can easily be felt by the readers. The slightest detail of the situation clearly reaches the mind of the interested and calm reader.
A reader experiences the life of the characters and situations not with an open eye but with a closed (meditating) eye. Because it's not a theatrical performance, but a literary art form where one needs to read very closely for the performance to take place in the mind.
Thus, writing style and content are closely related in written art. In fact, a perfect piece of literary art makes the two appear one. The blending of the two is what takes the reader along.
The language as well as the content used by R.K. Narayan in his works is both rustic (simple lifestyle and elementary feelings and emotions of village people presented in a naive expression). It is not like a layperson trying to write with limited knowledge of the language. It is rather like a language expert writing in a tone which educates and lifts the language and life knowledge of her/his primitive readers. It's like a teacher teaching with the intention of growth of...

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