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The Coming Tommorow Essay

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Background: Though the years preceding the Lebanese Civil War were a great deal of improvement, unfortunately this didn’t prevent the war from taking place. The Lebanese Civil War was a complicated war in Lebanon, lasting from 1975 to 1990 and resulting in an estimated 120,000 fatalities*. Today approximately 76,000 people remain displaced* within Lebanon. There was also a mass exodus* of almost one million people from Lebanon as a result of the war. The government of Lebanon had been dominated by Maronite Christians. The link between politics and religion had been reinforced* under the mandate of the French colonial* powers from 1920 to 1943, and the parliamentary structure favored a leading position for the Christians. The displacement of a hundred thousand Palestinian refugees to Lebanon changed the demographic balance in favor of the Muslim population which opposed the pro-western government.

“No! Abou Rami, don’t leave me!” shouted Pierre in pain.

“It could be a great opportunity for you,” said Julia, Pierre’s mother. “Lebanon is in a very good state nowadays.”
“I’ve never been to Lebanon mom. Why shall I leave my country, Dubai, and seek another country?!”
“Don’t forget that you’re Lebanese and not only would this visit have a positive economic impact on you, but it would also give you a golden opportunity to discover who you truly are, a Lebanese guy, and you should be proud of your country.”
“Your mom is right,” interfered Jubran, Pierre’s father. “Getting the opportunity to visit your country in one of its best years is a golden opportunity you should exploit. At least try, you could go there for a couple of months at least to get to know your country. If it wasn’t for the tough circumstances during World War II, we would’ve not even thought about leaving Lebanon. It’s a very beautiful country, son.”
“Fine, just give me a couple of weeks to organize everything.” Replied Pierre irritated.

Though Pierre wasn’t really excited about his flight to Lebanon, he still took the decision to travel at least for a little while. Reaching Lebanon, Pierre chose Saida as his destination.
Days passed and everything was just as perfect as it could be, to a level that made Pierre even seriously thinking about spending the rest of his life in Lebanon. Pierre was heading home and everything was very peaceful just until… An explosion that trembled Beirut took place, announcing the start of THE LEBANESE CIVIL WAR.
Pierre didn’t really realize what a huge impact would this war result in. Due to his bad luck, Pierre, a Christian with a huge golden cross around his neck, that he never forgets to wear, was living in Saida, a town full of Muslims that were – of course – affected by the circumstances around them, and didn’t really love the fact that a Christian was living in “their” town.
Everyday, Pierre would wake up to find trash in front of his house and experience disrespect from his neighbors, which led him to seriously think of leaving Lebanon...

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