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The Commandments Of Society Essay

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Have you ever wondered why we have to say “bless you” when someone sneezes? Why it is considered rude to not hold the door for someone that is following right behind you? We do these and many other small actions without even thinking why we do such things. In order for a society to become successful it needs three things: an Economy, religion, and, most importantly, a set of rules to abide by. These rules, or commandants, are what mold our society into a strong stable civilization. Without such commandments people’s world would be unjust, unsanitary, and contemporary inhumane.
The first and probably the most important of these unwritten commandments is the golden rule. Throughout different societies and cultures the Golden Rule has a different meaning. However the most internationally recognized Golden Rule states “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.” This rule is stressed a lot throughout one’s adolescent academic schooling. The reason it is important that everyone knows this rule because it based on the principles of honesty, caring, and sharing. Those who are not taught the Golden Rule end up growing up as rude, shallow adults.
The second commandment builds upon the Golden Rule and the principles it teaches and more. One should always give up their seat to the elderly and the handicapped. The reason this rule should be established is because I have personally seen the elderly and handicapped struggle on the city bus to find a seat all the way in the back section. This problem could easily be avoided if society followed the fundamental principle that the elderly and impaired are not able to easily complete daily tasks. Society should be well-mannered enough to offer assistance to those who are not able to take care of themselves.
A third commandment that needs to be well respected by all of society is “Don’t talk while others are talking, and listen to what they are saying.” This rule may seem very elementary and should not be explained, however not many people acknowledge this rule for what it is. Whenever someone is talking and you ignore them it lowers their self-esteem and gets them off track to what they were talking about. Society needs to grasp the idea of listening to others because you can never know if the topic they are discussing may be directed towards them. This commandment can be related back towards the golden rule because no one likes it when someone interrupts their presentation.
The fourth commandment does not relate to any of the previous commandments but is still equally as important, “Be Sanitary: Take a shower every day and wash your hands.” This rule has established to better help...

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