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The Commemoration Of Morena Moshoeshoe Of Basotho And King Shaka Of Amazulu

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The Commemoration of Morena Moshoeshoe of Basotho and King Shaka of AmazuluMorena Moshoeshoe and King Shaka both have one thing in common: they were both great leaders during the 17th century.In the modern Basotho nation, the 11th of March is a very special day for its inhabitants. On this day, they "renew the legacy and spirit" (Lekoekoe, 2013) of Morena Moshoeshoe. There is an annual wreath laying ceremony by the head of State and the Prime Minister at his grave, which is very special to the Basotho nation. Similarly, the 24th of September used to be Shaka Day in commemoration of King Shaka of the Amazulu. That day was then called Heritage day so as to serve as a day in which all Africans can celebrate their own heritage. The Basotho nation celebrates Moshoeshoe's life in many different ways including the popular historic tour, Morena Moshoeshoe I Walk, which started in 2007. An official blanket, called Rabasotho, was officially launched and depicts famous images of Moshoeshoe and his travels. In Kwa-Zulu Natal today, there is a memorial dedicated to King Shaka in Stanger. This includes a 20-minute slide show about his life as well as a novelty shop. It also includes a monument and his throne besides other things. There is also a King Shaka Heritage Route that is located in Ballito. It includes the famous High Rock, Observation Rock, King Shaka's Spring, Mavivane Execution Rock and King Shaka's Pool and Cave. [0: Lekoekoe, Sebinane, Moshoeshoe's legacy revived, 2013, found on ][1:][2:][3:][4:][5:]Most of Morena Moshoeshoe's portrayals are seen in good light and commemorated "for his power and wisdom as he gave refuge to different ethnic groups…" Most historians believed that he ruled with his people, as a unit. One can see an example of this by the quote in which he decided to rule with which was given to him by Mohlomi, a very influential chief in Moshoeshoe's life. "O ba rate - love them, O ba tsebe - know them, O ba nyalle - marry for them, badimo ba hao o ba hopole amehla - remember your ancestors always". Mohlomi helped mould his morals and style of ruling in a very positive way. Moshoeshoe is most emphasised in various books and websites in this optimistic way by modern historians. His character was clearly close to the style in which he ruled- with absolution and benevolence combined with highly developed skills. One can see how much the Basotho nation praises him for his kindness by the amount of people that attend the Morena Moshoeshoe I Walk every...

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