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The Commencement Of The Universe Essay

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A natural human instinct is curiosity. We all wonder about the perplexing issues and try to comprehend the incomprehensible. How the universe came to be is a matter we question constantly throughout our lives. We wonder why we are we here and whether we have a purpose in life. We wonder how atoms, matters, space, time, air, etcetera came to be. We wonder what the fate of all entities is. We wonder how the universe came to be in the beginning, whether it always existed and why, how it has evolved to what it is today, and where it will go in the future. My view on the case is influenced by scientific theories, personal spiritual speculations, and last but not least admitting that there is ...view middle of the document...

Like many, I also believe this theory to be true although it isn’t the only theory I entrust. One of my main rules while trying to comprehend the universe is to always remember that space is full of irregularities. No theory can alone fully satisfy my curiosity. Although the Big Bang Theory appears to be the valid and authentic answer to how the universe started, I cannot guilelessly assume that the universe expands at a specific rate and spacetime. The Inflation Theory, therefore, is vital for when I ineluctably wonder about irregularities.
The Inflation theory proposed by Alan Guth in the 1970s indicates that the universe hasn’t always expanded at the same rate in contrast to the Big Bang Theory’s assuming that it has had the same rate. Inflation specifies that the universe has experienced many periods but enormous expansions in which the size of the universe could possibly even be doubled. These periods last less than a second. After this period, lasting for less than a second, the expansion slows down until the next inflation and the chain keeps going. Two of the issues that receive a solution by the Inflation Theory and not the Big Bang Theory are existence of galaxies or other large-scale structures and balance of temperature. The Theory suggests that density fluctuations are caused during massive inflations which cause matter to clump in those places and form enormous objects such as galaxies. In regards to temperature, the theory suggests that temperature balance was held because objects that were close to one another separate very quickly during the period of inflation. The Big Bang Theory’s answer to this is that objects must travel many times the speed of light to maintain temperature balance. I believe that the Inflation Theory is simply an addition to the Big Bang Theory and nearly see them as one. While I believe in Big Bang Theory’s suggestion of the origins of the universe, I believe the Inflation Theory emphasizes arguably more specifically on how and why the universe expands.
A notion that has stuck with me for the past seven years is derived from a short story I read when I was eleven years old. The story was about a little girl who had received a doll for her birthday. She repeatedly asked her mom who had made the doll. The mom first answered, “The machines.” The little girl asked who made the machines and the mother said, “The company.” The girl asked who made the company and the mom answered, “The people.” She then asked who had made the people and the mom said, “Their parents.” Well then who created the parents? I remember reading this story vividly and thinking, “If something as small as a needle has a creator, shouldn’t we who are enormous compared to a needle have a creator as well?” Although I can’t support this argument through scientific evidence, it has already been authenticated in my mind. Today, as an eighteen year old, my mind still verifies this notion. I do not believe in god or any form of religion;...

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