The Common Ap, Application Essay On The Struggles Of Being Black Mission Bay High School/ 2018 College Essay

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The struggles of being black
“If you judge someone, you have no time to love them," Mother Teresa once said. This quote is a means of life, and in her few famous words, it explains a whole new world. A world without judgment, hatred, racism, stereotypes all explained in that small sentence. I learned that the words above are a representation of closed-mindedness being unwelcoming to a diversity of things (people). And because of that, I used to be ashamed of who I am, but not anymore.
        Can I tell you something personal, something about me, I am black and so is my ancestry. I don't need pity or sorrow nor your grief, what I want is respect, and to be treated equally. The biggest barrier I've overcome was racism when I was a kid. From kindergarten, throughout all middle school, I was ridiculed, teased, and called racial slurs always coming home balling my eyes into pillows. Listening to the whispers and waves of laughter about me, breaking away at my dignity. I hated being me. Being black. I asked myself why I couldn’t be white or why the people in the world can’t accept who I am. This sent me into depression, head down; shoulders slumped, all on my own. Before my grandma passed she told me to, "Stop crying, people are gonna make fun of you til the day you die," she was never wrong. Her words sparked a flame, and that’s all...

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