The Common Element Notice In Agamemnon, Hamlet And John F. Kennedy’s Secret Society Speech.Compare The Similarities And Differences Among The Thre

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The common element notice in Agamemnon, Hamlet and John F. Kennedy’s Secret Society Speech.Compare the similarities and differences among the three texts.

Thesis statement.

The normal component in Agamemnon ,Hamlet and John F.kennedy's Secret Society Speech is Hamartia.Hamartia is characterized as a misstep or failure in judgment.The similitudes is that they all made a blunder in their judgment which bring about their passings or assassination.The contrast is that dissimilar to Hamlet,Agamemnon and John F. Kennedy never question themselves for any choice they take.

Mapping scheme.

The principal point is that each of the three writings imparted a basic failures in ...view middle of the document...

2) Agamemnon was killed by his wife; Hamlet’s downfall is orchestrated by his uncle.John F. Kennedy was assassinated two years later after reading his speech on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas.


This shows that there are tragic heroes who loved their countries and are so dedicated to reach their goals.

Third Point.

1) The difference in all three characters is that their tragic flaw couldn't match with their tragic as a hero.


Hamlet, for example, suffers from the tragic flaw of indecision. He hesitates to kill his cruel and villainous uncle, which leads to the ultimate tragedy of the play. By struggling with an inherent moral flaw, Hamlet brings about his own destruction and his own death .Unlike Agamemnon and John F.Kennedy who were so confident with their decision but their decision caused their own death.


This made understand more about the characters and what situations that there been through.Aristotle definition about Hamartia was more clear with all of the three characters.


Rewording of thesis.

The ordinary segment in Agamemnon ,Hamlet and John F.kennedy's Secret Society Speech is Hamartia.Hamartia is described as a stumble or disappointment in judgment.the comparable qualities is that they all...

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