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The Common Factors Of Rebellions Essay

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Throughout the course of human history, there has constantly been situations where a series of uprisings against a form of political power were challenged. There comes a point in time where certain peoples in a certain civilization see the need for going against a tyrannical leader for mistreatment. The fight for equality and just rules have always been engraved in every civilization. Sometimes, people strive to pursue to have this perfect city and form of government but things don't always go as planned. The cause of these ideal forms, the birth of rebellions come into play and cause a reaction to go against all rules and break that pattern of unjust ways. Either ending positively or negatively, rebellions reoccur in the timeline of human history, but the outcome and reason why each started differ in the ways of the eyes of the people leading.
"Taxation without representation" a famous quote set in the revolutionary war era caused an age of historical change and a movement that will further fall into the lines of American history. The well-known slogan arose because of the unfair taxation from British power in which the colonies had no say in what would be taxed. A course of events occurred that eventually led to the rebellion further known as the Boston Tea Party. As the British started to grow a stern power on the colonists, several acts were passed to ensure that the British stayed in power. Eventually, more and more of these various acts were being enforced affecting the everyday lives of the colonists. Some of which included the Stamp Act which issued a tax on all paper produced, being passed by British Parliament in 1765. The money coming from the tax was to be geared towards military efforts in protection for the colonies. The Sugar and Molasses Act, passed the previous year in 1764, taxed all things containing sugar, molasses, coffee, wine, and also silk. "The situation disrupted the colonial economy by reducing the markets to which the colonies could sell, and the amount of currency available to them for the purchase of British manufactured goods." ( 1) Passed in 1767, a tax on lead, paint, tea, and paper called the Townshend Act was passed and allowed soldiers to search ships at any given moment for these products. Lastly, the Tea Act being passed in 1773 mainly corrupted the colonists' business of tea selling causing them to lose money. This was because the tea coming from the British were a lot cheaper than the tea the colonists smuggled from the Dutch. Although the people could get tea at a lower price, they came to realize that this just meant that they agreed to the unjust tax. After having enough from all the commotion that so many of these acts had caused, the colonists grew great frustration and refused to pay the harsh taxes.
In the morning of December 17, 1773 the course of history were to be changed from the colonists' hands and that day marked Americans taking their independence and standing up for what's...

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