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The Common Foreign And Security Policy Of The Eu At The Beginning Of The 21st Century

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Mr. Chalupský, it seems hard to choose an appropriate topic concerning the European Union and of course, it is. Hence the basic question about the Union, now after more than fifty years of an unprecedented success mainly in the field of economic integration, appears to be clear: How is the future of the integration process and what is the final aim of it?Since the 1950s the European Communities have developed strong economic links between their Member States and with the rest of the world. Progress in the economic field since the 1990s has enabled the Union to attain a level of economic integration unrivalled anywhere else in the world. For example a single market without borders was ...view middle of the document...

And this seems to be, according to my point of view, the weakest point of the politic integration process.But what made then the twelve states (in 1992) change their minds and agree with creation of the CFSP? The Union tries to show herself as one of the major economic and, of course, politic players on the international stage. Her CFSP comes as a contribution to international peacekeeping, using military force where appropriate, promotion of international cooperation, democracy and human rights. It enables her to express her position on these highly strategic topics and any other subject linked to the fundamental principles and common values, which form the basis of the Union and which she is committed to defend.Thus the root causes of this political aspect have to be seen in the main historical and political changes, that since the end of the 1980s have changed the shape of Europe and of the rest of the world. The disintegration of the former Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War eliminated the danger of a massive attack in Europe. During the Cold War period, Europe was standing between the two main world powers, the United States and the Soviet Union. It was regarded as a potential battlefield or capture rather than a serious partner to cooperate and negotiate. The abrupt changes of the late 1980s lead to an important change in strategic interests of the two world leaders and of course, of the Union as well.However, the conflict in the former Yugoslavia has enabled us to identify the danger that regional conflicts represent for neighbouring countries and regions and for peace and international security and stability. Actually, this danger has largely replaced the risk of territorial...

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