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The Frequently Used Practice In Advertising: Making The Customer Feel Like They Are The Person In Ad Is Effective

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Celebrity advertising has proved to be effective in selling products. Fanatic fans instantly copy whatever their idols wear, eat and use. "It draws me closer to my idol," they say. Women at various ages willingly spend big money in cosmetics hoping that one day they themselves would be as pretty as the models, or as ageless as the actresses in the ads. Ads for health care products which employ retired actors or statesmen tend to win more trust from the consumers than the ones acted by common people. Automobile exhibitions are full of professional models or sexy young girls because sellers want to arouse the desire of possession in the male consumers and get cars sold. Real estate agents like to make stories of a harmonic and happy family living cozily in a house with shining floor and furnitures, luxury ornaments, carefully trimmed plants, etc, as if troubles would go away as soon as one moves into the house and love would last forever as long as one stays in the house.The advertisements for the various products mentioned above share one thing in common - they stimulate the imagination of the viewers. As they depict perfect situations, the viewers gain confidence in pursuing similar things, or at least temporarily believe a flawless ending of the story is nonetheless existing. With the belief of achieving something better in life - a healthier body, or a more comfortable living - the products being advertised suddenly seem to worth more than its list price or even more than what money can buy. Advertisements succeed in securing viewers' good feeling for the products secure the profits for the manufacturers or the sellers.However, while the ads effectively securing profits, they are determined to prevent the consumers from understanding the effective function or performance of the products. Perfectionism does not exist in real world. A pair of jeans may seem sexy on the model, but they may seem droll on the shopper. Mild lotions can never delay the emerging of wrinkles. In reality, more often than not, film stars have to maintain their pretty faces and nice figures...

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