The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts' Health Care Plan Analysis

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In April of 2006, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts enacted a type of universal health care. Every citizen in the commonwealth had to acquire some form of health care. Companies of eleven or more people were also required to purchase healthcare for their employees. This provides people with many options of health care, while still requiring them to have health care. Massachusetts has successfully used this system for the past four years, but it is not without problems. There is a severe lack of primary care physicians. While many of those uninsured before the plan was passed have now gained health care, they cannot find a primary physicians. This has caused a large influx in people using the emergency room for basic care rather than using a doctor more appropriate for the situation. In actuality, the health care program in Massachusetts was supposed to prevent the use of emergency rooms for non-emergency situations. Insurance is also still very expensive; the necessity for everyone to have insurance has not lowered the price of healthcare. It is also not a priority for many of those who live in the commonwealth. Those who would rather pay the tax fee do not end up buying insurance. The compulsory healthcare system of the commonwealth of Massachusetts does make insurance more readily available to their citizens, but it does not create a more affordable or more useful health care system. The commonwealth of Massachusetts has a revolutionary heath care system, but it needs to create more doctors, better affordability, and encourage more people to get ‘buy in’ to the health care plan.
The commonwealth of Massachusetts’ compulsory health care system does make health care mandatory for all its inhabitants, but it cannot provide primary care physicians to all of its insured. This causes an influx of patients to the emergency room for non-emergency ailments. The creation of a universal health care plan is supposed reduce the number of people who go to emergency rooms for easily cured illnesses. The number of primary physicians in Massachusetts needs to increase dramatically to allow patients easy access to doctors in places other than the emergency room. Urgent care clinics are also big part of the effort to prevent unnecessary emergency room visits. These clinics do not require patients to make appointments, and have doctors and registered nurses available at all hours of the day and night.
Insurance costs do not go down when the entire state signs up. In Massachusetts, the costly insurance makes it difficult to encourage people to buy health insurance. In order to lower the cost of healthcare, the commonwealth of Massachusetts must put limits on the amount of money healthcare companies can charge for insurance. This needs to be a state-wide effort to lower the cost; all insurance companies have to comply with it. Yes, some parts of the health care system do cost a lot of money, but...

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