The Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx And Its Influence On Society

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The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Its Influence on Society

The German political philosopher and revolutionary, Karl Marx is best known for his radical concepts of society. His socialist views are best seen in his work Communist Manifesto. As one of the most influential thinkers of all times, he was able to convey revolutionary ideas in a manner that all could understand. Due to its comprehendible nature and usefulness to the people of his time this document was widely popular among commoners of the Nineteenth Century. In fact some historians refer to the Manifesto as the first systematic statement about modern socialism the world has ever seen. Powerful language and fueled by desires for better standards of living this great historical document forever changed the world. The Manifesto has been a major influence in all-communist literature since its publication in 1848. Translated in many languages and published in hundreds of millions of copies the piece has spurred wars, massacres, and countless protests. The Communist Manifesto was written as a response to a cold hard world, and ever since then the world has been responding to it with rejection and praise. The works of Karl Marx have influenced and inspired millions of lives throughout human history. 1

During the Nineteenth century when Marx and Engels created The Communist Manifesto, the bourgeois rejected their work, yet it was openly accepted by thousands of proletariats. The immediate response was not only found in Marx’s true followers, members of the Communist League. These people strongly supported and believed in the ideals of socialism. The central idea at the heart of the Communist Manifesto was Marx theory of history. He claimed that history is simply a cycle of the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer. Communist revolts were held outside of factories and people soon took up arms to defend the ideals set forth by Marx. 2

The most faithful believer and crusader in the movement was Friedrich Engels. His writing entitled “The Condition of The Working Class in England” reflects why the Manifesto was needed during this difficult time. The royalties from Engles’ book “The Condition of the Working Class in England” were given to Marx, because he was ordered to deport from France. His radical ideas and socialist ways were no longer accepted or allowed by the French Government. Together Marx and Engels moved to Belgium, and formed an alliance, battling the poverty and discrimination of all those whose sweat and hard labor went without rewarded. Together they made an excellent team for as one history says, “It was a good partnership, whereas Marx was at his best when dealing with difficult abstract concepts, Engels had the ability to write for a mass audience.” Throughout Engels life as an apostle to Marx, he was forced to move from country to country. Marx and his ideas reflected in The Communist...

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