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The Communist Party And Mc Carthyism Essay

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Fear can be a fuel for fires of concern and worry in the hearts of many people. Hitler used this tactic in WWII to convince many that the Jewish were abominations to the world. In this sense, this is one way that Soviet Union profited from the population of the US. During the Cold War, the silent threat of a nuclear attack raged on between the Soviet Union and America. Eastern Europe was slowly being consumed with Communism during WWII and was spreading quickly. After the Cold War had continued to darken America, the fear of Communism encroached upon the citizens; the American Communist party became more of the worry every day. McCarthyism was there to remove the Communist threat from ...view middle of the document...

Rose Krysak, a high profile communist in 1950s, had stated in an interview that, “I was a very devoted member. At the beginning almost without questioning. I never questioned them because I really, I felt they had all the answers.” She also included that as she got older she did question it, but during her time in the Communist party as a higher official, she didn’t have a grasp on the policy because she trusted the party. In another interview, Howard Johnson was asked what he thought of the party’s goal to over throw the government. His response was, “I didn’t look at it that way. I saw an action organization. Things were happening. And the kind of things that were happening I didn’t regard as subversion of the government, I regarded it as good for me and for other blacks…” Mr. Johnson never understood the way Communism was actually viewed and how the plans would demolish the capitalistic government in America. He also mentions in the essay how the members of the party organized many events to help gather more members and when asked about the life styles of the parties he quickly changed direction. These two responses demonstrate the cluelessness of the followers participating in the Communist party. It is justification for McCarthyism because without the program making some of the drastic steps in breaking down the group, people would have followed the party into a radical changed government. This would effected many things in history if the capitalistic government that had been the roots of America had become communistic.
The Communist party had their hands in many pots when it came to supporting the major issues of America. Their social issues addressed many common issues like women’s and blacks’ rights. The economic issues they supported were trying to get the hard worker the better conditions and pay they deserved. The Communist party supported these groups in various ways like conventions and parties to build support and popularity among Americans. The Communist group and their devoted support brought high population and support to the party. H. Johnson participated in protests that were helping blacks get jobs in unions and he felt that at least someone was helping him . The Communist although supporting many different varieties of people, had found strength in numbers. By doing this it was easier to obtain government positions when the time came. They dominated the field in the minority and workers/women rights. A long time women activist, Marge Frantz said, “It did feel like a very worthwhile life. And, uh, you know, there’s nothing like the comfort and security of something you really believe in.” She talked much about how she felt fulfilled while in the party but was confused as to why they remained secret about the political objectives. This particular quote shows how the communist party used their support toward many issues to make the Communist party enticing. McCarthyism is justified using this information because the...

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