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The next generation of video game consoles is upon us, with Sony’s Play Station 4 leading the charge. Rather than the console being the center of the living room, Sony is making the player the focus. This helps transform a previously unsocial, solitary pass time into a community based personalized system.
Sony’s PS3 came out about six years ago. Unfortunately, Microsoft had released the Xbox 360 prior to the release of the PS3. People bought the Xbox because at its release it was the only console of its class. Sony learned their lesson and is the first company to announce their next generation console.
The PS3’s hardware has not yet been fully utilized by game creators. Nevertheless, Sony ...view middle of the document...

A capture card is also built into the system, which allows a person to post their game play on the internet or share it with thier friends without having to purchase an external piece of hardware to record game play. This social network was built with simplicity and elegance in mind (2013). The prototype has already received an award from Guinness World Records.
The PS4 has a much more advanced controller than anything previously released. It has a light bar, a head phone jack, a share button, and enhanced rumble capabilities. The light bar allows for easier identification of player via color coordination. It is also tracked by the PS4, allowing the system to track the controller. The share button will allow a person to easily share segments of game play, and screenshots with one’s friends in the gaming community.
The PS4 is being designed to be more open so that less known game developers can publish their games much more easily (2013). This will likely lead to a growth in the popularity in “indie” games and also bring forth many new game developing companies. This will widen the industries and give birth to a new generation of games, the likes of which have not been seen.
However, Sony’s PS4 is not flawless. They have configured their system in a way that makes it impossible to buy used games or...

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