The Society Lies Within A Mask

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Sundaram 6Sharmindran1410C27488ENG4UMr. Colin Boucher6/11/2014The Society Lies within a MaskA society has the power and potential to influence an individual's mindset and behavior. Globally, each and every individual plays an important role in the society. In addition, the society also has the biggest potential to influence on an individual's life. Khaled Hosseini, the author of 'A Thousand Splendid Suns', his characters were given their own point of view towards the society. Specifically, Rasheed says that he is not an ordinary man and he is a "different breed of man", he shook his head and stated that they are spoiling their own nang and namoos (Hosseini 69). In the novel 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' the message being communicated is that hiding true identities makes a better society but has negative impacts on individuals. Saving face causes a person to be accepted in the society which steals the freedom away and also which will end up in a regret. A person gets to be accepted in the society when he/she hides the true identity by wearing a mask. The character of Jalil wears a mask by accusing Nana for what he had done. He blamed Nana by saying, "You know what he told his wives by way of defense? That I forced myself on him. That it was my fault" (Hosseini 7). Hosseini demonstrates that Jalil had a high prestige and he was willing to chase a woman who was pregnant and making to live in a rat hole. Jalil didn't want the society of Herat to know about it so, he did all that silently. He was widely known all over Herat due to his wealth. He sent Nana off to Gul Daman because he didn't want the society to know about it. Since Jalil was a very famous man all over Herat, he had people that looked up to him. Therefore, he had to hide the incident that happened between him and Nana. He did that because he knew that the society might follow for what he had done and his name might be disfigured in the society. Furthermore, when Mariam was in jail, she met a girl, Naghma. Naghma was sentenced five years and she got betrayed by her own lover. Naghma and her lover was caught red handed for running away from Kabul, as the authorities investigated, the local mullah's son accused that "Naghma had seduced him" (Hosseini 354). The Mullah's son betrayed his own love for the sake of his dad's reputation as a Mullah. And as a man he wanted to be free from those critiques and punishment so, he blamed Naghma for all that and he jeopardized the trust Naghma had on him. He blamed Naghma because he knew that the society will penalize his dad, the local Mullah for what he had done. On the other hand, this issue is not only shown in the novel but is also shown globally where people are forced to hide their identities to make a better society. For instance, homosexuals are also the part of human species and yet the society finds it bizarre that humans can't have relationships with the same sex. According to Martin Meeker who is an academic specialist and had published...

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