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The Comparison And Contrast Of The Political Ideologies Of North Korea And Canada And Their International Business Practices

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Education and culture are areas the world's most prominent Communist government exhibits its political ideologies. All three of North Korea's banks are controlled, as well as a strict economic policy. Canada is a constitutional monarchy, a federation and a democracy. For the purpose of this report, we will call it a Democracy. Canada's democracy, in contrast to Korea's Communism, encourages small businesses and tends to protect them with strong property-rights laws. As a comparison, research results indicate that Canada is "free". "Free" in this manner, and for all intense purposes, describes the level of political rights and civil liberties of the people. "As defined by Freedom House, political rights refer to people's ability to vote and run for public office and, as elected officials, to vote on public policies. Civil liberties include people's freedom to develop views, institutions, and personal autonomy apart from the state." (International Business book, Map 3.1, chapter 3, pages 80-81) North Korea is "not free". The individuals of this country have a very low level of rights and liberties.For the most part, North Korea's foreign trade through the 1970s was with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), China, and other Communist countries. Recently, international business has been diversified to include non-Communist countries, especially Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. Hong Kong is also an important trading partner. Major exports for North Korea are minerals, metals, rice, and fish. The world knows Northern Korea as one of the largest markets for international food, and beverages. Exhibits are held and international exhibitors from Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand and the USA meet on a trade-only audience with retailers, wholesalers, importers, and distributors. Other major imports are petroleum, coal, chemicals, and machinery. It can be assumed that the machinery is used as a means of operation to...

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