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The Comparison Of Dorian Gray Essay

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In the book, the Story of “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is about a gentleman who deals his soul for eternal youth, and lives a hedonist lifestyle that goes terribly wrong. Dorian Gray loses his fiancé to suicide, which resulted in his first sin revealing itself in the painting. After Sybil Vane dies, her brother, James seeks revenge on Dorian. Subsequent to that, Dorian goes on to kill his friend, Basil Hallward, the painter of his portrait. In the end, Dorian Gray finally accepts his guilt and tries to atone for his crimes by destroying the painting, which is a representation of his soul. A comparison of the film of Dorian Gray (2009) by Oliver Parker and “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by ...view middle of the document...

James Vane is the one who confronts Dorian about his crimes and the one that makes him accept responsibility for his sins, since his soul was corrupted for the first time by Sybil’s death.
Moreover, in the film and the novel, supporting characters are created for a purpose, like Alan Campbell and Emily Wooten, Lord Henry’s daughter in the film. They play an important role in order for the story to move forward. For example, in the book, Dorian blackmails Alan Campbell, a chemist, because Dorian knows his secret and requests a favor from him. Consequently, Dorian has Alan Campbell burn Basil Hallward’s body in the attic with acid until there is nothing left. That is to say, Alan Campbell serves to hide Dorian’s sin from the rest of the Victorian era society, where all they care about is appearance. On the contrary, some characters like Emily Wooten are created to bring something from Dorian Gray into view rather than hide. Emily Wooten tries to change Dorian, because she loves him. Emily Wooten is able to influence Dorian to alter his way of life. For this reason, Dorian realizes that he has sinned too much to be forgiven, so Dorian gives into his guilt and stabs the painting in order to cleanse himself, but kills himself, like in the book. Emily Wooten symbolizes Dorian’s goodness, or the ability to be morally good.
Furthermore, the book and the novel concentrate on the theme of youth and innocence. In the Victorian era society, youth was considered the most advantageous trait a person can have. For one thing, Dorian’s crimes...

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