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The Competing Values Framework is originated by Quinn and Rohrbaugh. It emphasizes the organizational problems and choices faced by managers. The framework is divided into various managerial roles corresponding situations, as well as specific organizational environments. For instance, the facilitator and mentor roles rely on cohesion and morale to bring about human resource development within the organization. While the innovator and broker roles rely on flexibility and readiness in order to receive the growth and resource needed to perform an effective organization. The director and producer roles are more applicable for planning and goal setting skills and will result in productivity and efficiency. The monitor and coordinator roles are intended to managing information and communicating. The framework can also be divided into two main roles. The first four mentioned above are the transformational roles, and the last four are the transactional roles (Belasen, 1996). The transformational roles are more aimed toward making changes and developments, while the transactional roles have strong emphasizes on managerial authorities. The key to becoming a master manager is to be a successful manager who is able to perform each role in order to cope with all difficulties being faced as a manager (Quinn, 1988). A successful manager is also someone who is perceived by others as performing all of the eight roles more frequent than a normal manager and recognizes each of its importance thoroughly (Denison, 1995). A study by Bono (2004) also shows that giving importance to any specific working environment, such as rational goal model, may lower the effectiveness of other areas. Denison and Spreitzer (1991) stated that when a manager does not give importance to all eight areas equally, or when he/she emphasizes a certain role without paying attention to other roles, this will result in an ineffective organization. McCormack (2002) also pointed this out earlier as “the negative zone”. When one realizes that in order to run an effective organization, one must be able to perform all the eight roles equally, thus one must work hard and put in all of the effort in order to avoid organizational failure and result in becoming a master manager. The manager must also be able to maintain a stable performance one he/she is able to perform all of these roles, so that it creates stability and control within the organization, and helps develop the personal life also. A master manager will easily be able to identify the differences, such as becoming more productive, a better planner, and a better negotiator (Belasen and Frank, 2004). While it may seem that just by working hard, a manager will be able to conquer and perform all eight roles; this is really not the case. A research has shown that a manager chooses a particular role influenced by personality characteristics or traits. Managerial goals, needs, values, as well as leadership behavior, are shown to be affected by...

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