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The Competitive Advantage Study Of Retailing Industry In Turkey And Usa

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TABLE OF CONTENTSiiCV OF THE STUDENTACKNOWLEDGMENTS iiiONE PAGE SUMMARY ivTABLE OF CONTENTS viLIST OF ABBREVIATIONS xiiEXECUTIVE SUMMARY xiASSESSMENT AUDIT xivINTRODUCTION xviiPART A. THE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE STUDY OF RETAILING INDUSTRY IN TURKEY AND USA 1I.A. INTERNAL ANALYSIS OF RETAILING CLOTHING FIRMS IN TURKEY 2I.A.1.1. Current Mission, Long-Range Objectives, Strategies & Performance for Turkish Firms 2I.A.1.1. Current Mission, Long-Range Objectives, Strategies & Performance for US Firms 3I.A.1.2. Long-range Business Objectives and Strategies for Turkish Firms 4I.A.1.2. Long-range Business Objectives and Strategies for US Firms 5I.A.1.3. Appropriateness of the Organization's Portfolio of Businesses for Turkish Firms 6I.A.1.3. Appropriateness of the Organization's Portfolio of Businesses for US Firms 7I.A.1.4. Determining How Well the Organization Has Been Performing for Turkish Firms 8I.A.1.4. Determining How Well the Organization Has Been Performing for US Firms 9II. FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS OF RETAILING FIRMS 12II.A.1.1. Financial Planning and Control for Turkish Firms 12II.A.1.1. Financial Planning and Control for US Firms 13II.A.1.2. Marketing Management; Marketing Research & Development for Turkish Firms 14II.A.1.2. Marketing Management; Marketing Research & Development for US Firms 15II.A.1.3. Production/Operations for Turkish Firms 16II.A.1.3. Production/Operations for US Firms 17II.A.1.4. Technology for Turkish Firms 18II.A.1.4. Technology for US Firms 19III. EXTERNAL ANALYSIS OF RETAILING FIRMS 22III.A.1.1.1. SWOT Analysis for Turkish Firms 22III.A.1.1.1. SWOT Analysis for US Firms 23III.A.1.1.1. Porter's 5 Forces Model for Turkish Firms 24III.A.1.1.1. Porter's 5 Forces Model for US Firms 25III.A.1.2. General Environment of the Firm: PEST Analysis for Turkish Firms 26III.A.1.2. General Environment of the Firm: PEST Analysis for US Firms 27IV. INTEGRATION OF MAJOR STRATEGIC ISSUES 28IV.A.1.1. Strategic Business Units for Turkish Firms 28IV.A.1.1. Strategic Business Units for US Firms 29IV.A.1.2. Competitive Edge/Advantage for Turkish Firms 30IV.A.1.2. Competitive Edge/Advantage for US Firms 31IV.A.1.3. BCG Growth-Share Matrix for Turkish Firms 32IV.A.1.3. BCG Growth-Share Matrix for US Firms 33IV.A.1.4. GE/McKinsey Matrix for Turkish Firms 34IV.A.1.4. GE/McKinsey Matrix for US Firms 35IV.A.1.5. Ansoff Matrix for Turkish Firms 36IV.A.1.5. Ansoff Matrix for US Firms 37V. COMPARATIVE NATIONAL COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE OF TURKISH RETAILING INDUSTRY VERSUS AMERICAN RETAILING INDUSTRY 38VI. RECOMMENDATIONS AND IMPLEMENTATION 41PART B. THE EVALUATION OF THE RETAILING AND LOGISTICS INDUSTRIES,AND THEIR RELATION WITH GLOBAL WARMING …………………………………….40REFERENCES 81APPENDICES 82LIST OF ABBREVIATIONSA.Ş. ANONİM ŞİRKETİBCG BOSTON CONSULTING GROUPCAD COMPUTER AIDED DESIGNCAM COMPUTER AIDED MANUFACTURINGCRM CUSTOMER...

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