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September 29, 2016
Rachel Carson was born on May 27 ,1907. She grew up on a farm in Springdale, Pennsylvania. She was a writer, a scientist, and an ecologist. She became a famous writer due to the biographies that she wrote on nature, wildlife, and the oceans. After WWII, Carson focused her writing on the dangers and negative effects of population and misusing pesticides. In 1962, Carson wrote a book titled “Silent Spring”. “Her sensational book ‘” Silent Spring” warned of the dangers to all natural systems from the misuse of chemical pesticides such as DDT, and questioned the scope and direction of modern science, initiated the contemporary environmental movement.” Carson wanted to change the way that the world viewed nature. Due to Rachel Carson’s theories, scientists started to investigate the impact that humans had on the environment. Years after “Silent Spring” was written, the U.S. Environmental protection agency was formed, National Environmental Policy Act was passed, and numerous laws were put into place to protect the environment as well as human health. For example, DDT became illegal because of the damage it does to the environment. DDT is an organic compound used as an insecticide, it has a negative impact on the environment, harms animals that consume it, and can hurt humans that consumes the animal.
Pittsburgh, PA, is a city that used to b be known as the “smoky city”. Pittsburgh has a long history of pollution because the location and natural resources. Pittsburgh was home to many industries that polluted the air. Coal was one of the natural resources that was burned and polluted the air. There was also river pollution due to the transportation route and it being a disposal location. The city of Pittsburgh is also working on its elimination of chemical pesticides due to the harm that is...

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