The Complex World Of Search Engines

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Search engines are a rather popular in today’s society. Why, one may ask? Search engines provide a way for one to quickly and efficiently find information scattered across the enormous network of servers known as the World Wide Web. Imagine having to search through the millions of websites just to find something as simple as a recipe for a sandwich!
While at first the science behind search engines may sound like a foreign language, the GIST of the matter is basically as follows: the search engine sends spiders, which are a form of “software robots” (HowStuffWorks), which browse throughout the Internet for sites containing a person’s query or similar, depending on the search engine. As it continues through, engine keeps a list of everything and organizes and displays the results to one in an ordered list, the order of which varies based on the Webmaster’s choice.
The largest and most popular of all search engines, per the date of this writing, is Google. Google boasts having an average of more than “620 million daily visitors, 87.8 billion monthly worldwide searches,” and processing “over 20 petabytes of data daily” (Give Up Internet). Sergey Brin and Larry Page, whom is currently CEO, founded Google, which filed for incorporation on September 4, 1998 (Google, Inc.).
Another search engine that has recently been gaining popularity is Bing. Computer giant, Microsoft Corporation, owns Bing. Bing has control over “17.9% of the market share” according to the comScore Explicit Core Search Share, surpassing others such as Yahoo! Search (GeekWire). Interestingly, Bing was originally going to be named “Kumo” (AboutUs), but it was decided against later. Bing is currently involved in a partnership with Yahoo! Search.
Jerry Yang and David Filo founded Yahoo! Search in 1994. Interestingly, it was originally named “Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web” (IgnitePoint). The company earned a total of approximately 2,600,000 dollars during their Initial Public Offering (IgnitePoint).
While the above may be information one might know rather well, the following information may sound similar to a foreign language. Welcome to the wonderful world of computer software engineering and web development, or as it more commonly known, coding. In this section, one will learn the programming languages used to develop a search engine.
One of the most important programming languages for building a search engine is HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language. Hypertext Markup Language is the programming language used to make generally every webpage. It is used to create text boxes, hyperlinks, images, et cetera. Sometimes another markup language, PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is used which has the benefit of also being a server-side scripting language.
An important use for the markup language parts of both is the use of tags. Meta tags are used for search engines like Yahoo! that use them to create a description for their search engine ranking. They can also be used for...

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