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The Complicated Politics Of Self Exploitation By Patricia J. Williams

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Is it socially acceptable for women to sell their bodies? Each day women create an image for herself. Is being half naked or hiring men to take advantage of ones body the way us girls want to be known for or seen as? Is it lust or is it love? These questions have politics in riots, some wondering why women would do this to themselves and others wondering why more women aren't involved in exploiting their bodies. Patricia J. Williams offers us with an article, “The Complicated Politics of Self-Exploitation”, explaining the ways women can sell her body in order to get by financially. Williams also states in her article, “We could simply shrug all this off and conclude that “Self-Exploitation 101” is the chief skill set to fall back on as the wealth gap grows and the social safety net is shredded.” Women in the modeling industry put their bodies and health at risk each day, however, they continue to believe they are beautiful due to viewers egging them on. With each pageant, photo shoot, or contest they attend their bodies are being exploited far and wide with every photo taken. Women exploiting their bodies by prostitution are at risk too, mentally and physically. Therefore, these women are selling their bodies for the pleasure of making money. Although, the prices of college, gas, schooling, or just about anything has been rising tremendously, a woman should feel shameful for selling her body for sex just to earn a few bucks. Lower class victims will do almost anything such as finding a “sugar daddy”, prostitution, or selling one’s body for sex to get any help they can with financial problems they may have going on. Many negative obstacles will occur from a woman selling her body through prostitution such as, pregnancy, societies views on women, mental and physical health issues, and financial complications. Also, prostitution could even result in getting in major trouble with the law. Prostitution has been around since before the twentieth-century and has many more downfalls than positives.Stanely Mushava states in her document, “The danger of settling for the wrong choice between conscience and convenience, sensitivity and sensuality, and fairness and fanfare perpetually stalks writers across categories”.The criminals and victims in prostitution face the problem of choosing whether is a crime or not every day. Self-exploitation is becoming a worldwide issue and is more of a complication than ever, it is by no means beautiful, looked up upon, ethical, or beneficial to oneself.
Prostitution politics are largely looked at. Laura Maria confirms in “The Politics of Prostitution”, that the Politics of Prostitution doesn’t necessarily mean what it sounds like. Questions are tossed around and up in the air that researchers continuously scramble around trying to find the right answers.
In “The Politics of Prostitutes”, Maria believes the politics of prostitution really questions,
“”Do women’s policy agencies matter?” and “Is there such a thing as...

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