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The Author Of Hebrews As A Leader Of The Faith Commuity

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“The author Victor Rhee of “Hebrews as a Leader of the Faith Community” enlightens the path way on the subject of leaders in the body of Christ. The title alone brings a certain kind of curiosity to what makes a leader according to the book of Hebrews. If leadership training could have a manual it should be parallel to Hebrews. Leadership today is missing the courage to stand for something that is right according to the word of God. No matter what is taking place in our society beliefs and value system. Leadership has suffered greatly both inside and outside the church, especially in Christian leadership. One of the main points that the author of this article points out is the society woes are the same as ours today. How fitting is this when we need direction for Christian ministry. There is a soul searching event that is taking place for leaders to rise up and be all of what God intended for them in caring the gospel of Christ to the world. Rhee, who wrote the journal points to the characteristics of the author of Hebrews as a leader who will arise for the cause of Christ by illuminating the importance of courage, faith, love, hope , to fight against apostates, and believe in leadership unity when leading as a leader of the Christian faith.
Starting with the introduction of the journal, there is a since of urgency for anyone who reads it to take brave look of how to be a leader on fire for God in hard and difficult times. What Rhee wants us to know about the author of Hebrews is how he points out all of the misdoings of being a Christian in age where it was not popular to be a Christian. This is proven in the time of two Roman Empires, Claudius and Nero. You can see how the followers were everyday people living an everyday life but who were connected to an extra ordinary God who gave them salvation to live through their difficult and estranged life. The article attributes the fact we are just like them. The article goes much deeper by expressing the vision of an author who led a group of people through the letters of Hebrew. He begins with the qualities of the writer, by proving he led with faith in Jesus. Rhee also indicates the important factors mention by the author of Hebrews that we are spiritual leaders’ not just natural leaders. The illustration of faith or causes of faith are being weakened by the society agenda. In our society today, our faith in God’s word has been watered down to accommodate the weak minded. We are definitely living in a...

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