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The Computer Essay

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On a hot summer night many years ago, a 12 year old boy named Tim laid in his bed breathing slowly and quietly. He was waiting for something, but Tim wasn’t exactly sure what. Then it happened, a bright light came from the sky and as Tim watched, the strange object crashed into the hill with an explosion. Trying not to wake his mom, Martha up Tim tip-toed to his front door and went out toward the glowing object. Once there Tim saw a metal door, pulling with all his might it opened and inside he saw a stunning bright light. Suddenly everything turned dark and Tim fell with a loud THUMP.
Startled, Tim found himself in his bed without any bruises or sores, as if nothing had happened. It was real wasn’t it or was it just an elaborate dream Tim thought to himself. Looking out the window he didn’t see the glowing object but he did see the space where it had landed. Where did it go? Tim thought about this all day, but he had no ...view middle of the document...

With that Tim started a full blown argument and when it was over he despised his mom more than ever. After that everything was normal, until the moment Tim woke up from his sleep. Tim was going to search Martha’s room for the computer. When he looked in the closet he found it. Sneaking away he put the computer in his room and turned it on. The only thing that he found was a game called Two weeks passed and it happened again.
Tim stayed up all night playing the game. It was about a horrifying creature that had to escape the woods, and to win Tim must find a house. When Tim did find the house it looked a lot like his and when he entered, he found out it was an exact replica of his house. Making the creature walk around his house he found the replica of Martha. Filled with rage because of the fight Tim pressed the attack button on his mom and saw the creature devour her, but at the same time, in real life, he heard a scream coming from his Martha’s room. Running in he saw the creature and on the floor was his poor mom, moaning.
From that point on nothing was the same. Aggressive and furious, Tim got the computer and smashed it on the ground. Crying, out of sorrow, he stepped on it till he became tired and sat on the ground. When the computer had been obliterated the ugly creature had been destroyed with it. With that Tim realized how stupid he was for being angry at Martha and wished he could take it back, but there was nothing he could do. So Tim laid down surround by his thought and felt down in the dumps. It was over. The only person he loved was gone.
“Wake up, wake up.” Tim heard Martha say. He looked around and found his mom waking him up from sleep. Was it actually just an elaborate dream Tim thought to himself. Then he looked out, but the mark from the object was still there it couldn’t have been a dream. “Oh I see you are looking at the mark from the lightning, it was like something out of a dream, but yes a storm began and lightning hit that area in just one night.” Martha said. So everything that had happened was just my dreams thought Tim. All the events were at night and began in his bed, and this made Tim believe he was still awake. Filled with joy Tim said, with all his heart “I love you mom.”

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