The Computer A Boon Or A Bane To Students

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I think the computer is the greatest invention on earth especially for students. In fact, students and teachers are encouraged to use Information and Communication Technology to keep abreast with the fast moving world.Indeed, the computer is a boon to students. Fort and foremost, the Microsoft Word program, enables the students to do their assignments neatly and legibly. The various fonts and designs help the students display their assignments impressively. In fact, they can type letters, essays as well as timetables via this program. To further accentuate the authentically of their assignments, they can insert colorful graphs and diagrams. In addition, with the spelling checker, they can edit their work for spelling mistakes and grammar errors. This is a boon for students who are not very competent in the English Language. Also, they can look for antonyms and synonyms of words to add variety and to spice up their assignments and projects.As a matter of fact, Print Shop which is another popular computer program enables students to insert attractive borders and relevant pictures for their projects and assignments. Not only that, they can use this program to make personalized cards for all occasions including birthdays and greeting cards. Furthermore, they can design personalized invitation cards to send to their friends and families with the advancement of technology. Pictures taken from mobile phones and digital cameras can be printed and inserted eloquently to make the projects and assignments look like masterpiece.If students are required to present their data or findings, they can do it rather amicably through the Power Point Program. Here, students can prepare slideshows using slides with animation and sound effects. They can also insert graphs and tables to fortify their presentation. Indeed, this manner of impressive presentation is definitely a boon to students. Besides, this computer program facilitates students’ creativity as they mix and match various animation and sound effects.The Excel Program is also a boon to students as they can use this program to categorize and rank their data and findings. This visual presentation, add professionalism to their projects, assignments and...

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