The Computer And Its Uses Essay

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Unit 1.1Unit 1. 1Unit 1. Brands. 1Made in Europe (8th page) 2Harley Davidson (10th page) 2JCB (10th page) 2Business brief 3End of teachers' book. Branding: A crucial defence in guarding market share 3End of teachers' book. The challenge of turning a brand into an object of love. 4Unit 2. Travel. 4Road rages in the sky (17th page) 4(20th page) 5Buisness brief 5End of teachers' book. Wireless Internet: Demands of a more mobile workforce 6End of teachers' book. Corporate road warriors 6Unit 3. Organisation. 6Dirty Business, Bright Ideas (24th page) 7Business brief. 7End of teachers' book. Happy staff is not the full answer 8End of teachers' book. The engineer of the humane corporation 9Unit4. Change. 9US department stores launch counter-attack (31th page) 9Business brief. 10End of teachers' book. Shake-ups that leave us shaken but not stirred 10End of teachers' book. Coastal wealth radiates across inland China 11Unit 5. Money. 11Target Stores (42th page) 12Business brief. 12End of teachers' book. Megane sales drive Renault to top position 13End of teachers' book. Shares fall as BSkyB plans for long-term 13Unit 6. Advertising. 13What makes Nike's advertising tick?(48th page) 14Business brief. 15End of teachers' book. American dream gets a Latino beat 15End of teachers' book. The anti-ad brigade 16Unit 8. Employment. 16Motivating high-calibre staff 17Buisness brief 17End of teachers' book. The money move 18End of teachers' book. Voodoo expense Unit 1. Brands.Made in Europe (8th page)Almost every fashion label outside the top super-luxury brands is either already manufacturing in Asia or 5 thinking of it. Coach, the US leather goods maker, is a classic example. Over the past five years, it has lifted all its gross margins by (10) manufacturing solely in low-cost markets. In March 2002 it closed its factory in Lares, Puerto Rico, its last company-owned plant, and (15) outsources all its products. Burberry has many Asian licensing arrangements. In 2000 it decided to renew Sanyo's Japanese licence for (20) ten years. This means that almost half of Burberry's sales at retail value will continue to be produced under license in Asia. At (25) the same time however, Japanese consumers prefer the group's European-made products. Sanyo is now reacting to 30 this demand for a snob alternative to the Burberry products made in its factories across Asia by opening a flagship store in 35 Tokyo's Ginza, where it sells Burberry products imported from Europe. In interviews with the FT, many executives say the top (40) luxury brands will continue to be seen, particularly in Asia, as European. Domenico De Sole of Gucci says: 'The Asian consumer 45 really does believe - whether it's true or not - that luxury comes from Europe and must be made there to be the best.' Serge Weinberg, Chief 50 Executive of Pinault Printemps Redoute, which controls Gucci, says it will not move Gucci's production offshore. Yet some in the 55 industry recognize that change may be round the corner...

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