The Computer Industry Essay

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Computers have many functions. Communicating to others, performing job functions, and playing games are just some of the things computers are responsible for. Technology changes on a daily basis and will continue to. Below is a resource of information on different aspects of computing.

The Computer Industry
The computer industry is a customary term used to characterize the range of businesses involved with producing of computer hardware, software, and networking of the infrastructures. The computer industry has existed through much of history. Electronic computers were developed during the time period of 1940-1945. There are many products that have developed from the computer industry such as video games, cell phones, airplanes and more.
Computer Industry – An article on the revolution of the computer industry.
Comp TIA Advancing the Global IT Industry – A nonprofit organization that supports and has led the global IT program agenda through education, research, and networking.
Computer & Communications Industry Association – Information on a variety of companies in the computer industry promoting open markets, open systems, open markets, and open competition.
How Did the Internet Start – Information on how the internet was developed and the progression it has taken over the years.
Four Computer Industry Pioneers to be Honored at the Computer History Museum's Fellow Awards Dinner & Ceremony - An article on The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Focusing on the computer artifacts that started the computer industry.
Computer Industry - Information on how the computer industry were born in 1946 and used in World War II.
British Computer Industry: Postwar Government Policy - An article describing the policies of subsequent British governments about computer technology.

History of Computing
Learning the history of computers can be challenging because of how the complexity of computers have changed drastically through the years. There have been many evolutions with computers such as the speed and the different types of computers built. Computers have been brought into many industries such as telephone, automobiles, and cameras. This development has produced a huge industry for computer hardware.
The Modern History of Computing - A timeline exploring the history of how computing began. Each year has descriptions and illustrations of the progress.
Hostory of Computing – Learn about the past generations of computing. Information on how we used a vacuum tube, a transistor, and a microchip in computing.
Columbia University Computing History - A chronological view of computing at Columbia University.
American University Computing History Museum - A website that promotes and supports the teaching of the history of computers.
History and Computing – An article explaining the revolution of history and computing that has provided new avenues of research through time.
Early History of Computing – An article...

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